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Is purple the new green?

Doddle’s consolidated delivery model could take over 18,000 vans off the road daily
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Doddle, the network of purple parcel stores, is helping to reduce the environmental impact of home delivery with its ‘click and commute’ model.

UK retailers are set to deliver 1 billion parcels in 2015, and Doddle believes its network of manned parcel stores will help to ease the environmental burden created by delivery to individual homes.

200 deliveries per hour

With a network of 35 stores in locations that are convenient for commuters, Doddle can accept over 40,000 deliveries per day – resulting in fewer vans clogging up UK roads.

Doddle’s calculations show that, because carriers can make multiple customer deliveries to each Doddle store, a van driver can make 50 deliveries in 14 minutes – compared with four deliveries to individual homes in the same period of time.

Over the course of a 10-hour shift, 600 deliveries could be made to Doddle stores, while 133 parcels could be delivered to homes.

Cutting CO2 emissions

If we applied this consolidation model across the entire market of 1 billion parcel deliveries, 18,696 vans would be taken off UK roads every day.

‘Reducing the number of individual deliveries made each day unlocks extra capacity in the supply chain by reducing the number of vans needed to deliver the same volume of parcels. We see Doddle as a long term solution to reducing pollution, congestion and delivery problems for the UK.’

Tim Robinson, CEO of Doddle

Only 5,342 vans would be required per day to deliver 1 billion parcels to Doddle stores or similar consolidated delivery points, which is equivalent to eliminating 2,846 tonnes of CO2 emissions daily.

No missed deliveries

Doddle’s design also reduces the impact of failed home deliveries. The direct cost to retailers of failed first-time delivery is over £600 million per year in the UK, and redelivery attempts exacerbate the environmental damage per delivery.

‘Doddle was always about saving people time, no longer having to chase missed deliveries. Today, Doddle also delivers time, money and environmental savings to retailers and carriers through consolidated deliveries because home delivery just isn’t sustainable.’

Tim Robinson, CEO of Doddle

Doddle stores are fully manned, which guarantees first-time delivery and means drivers don’t need to make a return trip. This eases the strain on the supply chain and significantly reduces the environmental impact of home delivery.

Click here to find out more about Doddle and how the delivery service works.

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