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Janey loves winter 2023

Natural beauty expert Janey Lee Grace explains how eco-friendly beauty products can help us connect to the spirit of COP28
Janey Lee Grace

This article first appeared in our COP28 issue of My Green Pod Magazine, published 30 November 2023. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

In a world awakening to the urgent call for environmental responsibility, the beauty industry is experiencing a transformation.

Gone are the days when we considered our skincare routines and makeup choices solely in terms of personal grooming.

Today, our choices extend far beyond ourselves – they resonate with the future of our planet.

As COP28 gathers world leaders and activists to chart a course towards a more sustainable future, it’s fitting to reflect on how our everyday choices, even in the realm of beauty and personal care products, can echo the conference’s themes and aspirations.

My Green Pod was the media partner for the 2023 Platinum Awards; here are some of the winning products, which are a good place to start when looking for greener choices.

Weleda Skin Food Cleansing Balm
Weleda Skin Food Cleansing Balm

Weleda Skin Food Cleansing Balm

(£12.95, 75ml)

Weleda is known for its commitment to natural and sustainable skincare. It pioneered Skin Food way back in 1926 – and it’s still going strong.

Adele, Victoria Beckham and Julia Roberts are just some of this natural replenishing cream’s many celebrity fans.

Now Weleda has extended the range with Skin Food Cleansing Balm: a gentle yet effective product that not only cleanses your skin but also nourishes it with organic ingredients.

Free from harsh chemicals, this balm embodies conscious beauty choices by promoting healthy skin without compromising the environment.

The Rose Tree Pomegranate & Rose Mask
The Rose Tree Pomegranate & Rose Mask

The Rose Tree Pomegranate & Rose Mask

(£48, 30ml)

The Rose Tree is a beautiful brand that blends plant oils, botanicals and essential oils, and this year the company won a Platinum Award for its Pomegranate & Rose Mask.

This luxurious skincare treat is made with botanical ingredients, with a focus on pure and potent formulations.

It pampers your skin and the divine blend of pomegranate and rose rejuvenates your complexion. It’s also worth checking out The Rose Tree Intensive Balm with marshmallow root.

incognito incense sticks
incognito incense sticks

Incognito Incense Sticks

(£5.99, x10)

Who’d have thought that we’d still need to worry about insects in winter? Sadly, we do – and fortunately there is now an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic repellents.

Incognito has a great range, and its 100% natural insect repellent spray works. This year incognito also won an award for its incense sticks, which offer a unique twist by combining natural fragrances with insect-repelling properties.

These incense sticks are crafted with environmentally friendly ingredients, helping you enjoy a bug-free outdoor experience without harming the planet.

Raw Nature Musk Rose + Soft Amber Perfume
Raw Nature Musk Rose +
Soft Amber Perfume

Raw Nature Musk Rose + Soft Amber Perfume

(£21.95, 11g)

Making conscious fragrance choices isn’t always easy; it’s hard to find a natural perfume that lasts longer than a few seconds!

Made with sustainably sourced ingredients, this perfume delivers a captivating scent while highlighting the importance of eco-conscious perfume production.

Expertly blended to create a rich, deep, sensual scent from rose, sandalwood and vetiver essential oils, this grounding and confidence-boosting scent relieves stress and comforts the mind.

Hand poured and blended, this natural perfume is fragrance, beauty and wellness in one. It has top notes of amber, heart notes of musk rose and base notes of vanilla.

Conscious Skincare Rejuvenate Organic Anti-Ageing Serum
Conscious Skincare Rejuvenate Organic Anti-Ageing Serum

Conscious Skincare Rejuvenate Organic Anti-Ageing Serum

(£29, 50ml)

This award-winning product is made with natural and organic ingredients. Infused with potent antioxidants and marine algae extract, it can help to minimise wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing.

It offers long-lasting hydration without harsh chemicals, promoting a healthy and youthful glow.

Organic frankincense essential oil tones and gives this anti-ageing serum an exotic, indulgent scent. It also contains organic jojoba oil and seaweed extract.

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