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Life in a battery-powered home

We spoke to three people whose homes run on batteries
Life in a battery-powered home

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Moixa Smart Battery
The Moixa Smart Battery
In the summer 2017 issue of MyGreenPod Magazine, we looked into the benefits of running your home using a Moixa Smart Battery, a small (50x30x20cm) unit that sits under the stairs or in the garage.

The battery’s charged directly from solar panels during the day and using Economy 7 electricity at night, saving customers up to 70% off their electricity bills.

Six months on, we spoke to three Moixa customers to find out what it’s really like to live in a battery-powered home.

Costs and savings

A full solar and battery package, which includes a combined 2kWh Moixa Smart Battery and 2kWp PV system, costs around £5,000 – though you’ll only need to buy the battery if you already have solar panels.

The pay-back time will depend on the house and the size of its roof, but someone whose home has a large roof and who uses electricity throughout the day can draw around 65% of their energy from solar and battery, representing a saving of around £400 on a typical bill. Customers are also guaranteed to earn 20 years of Feed-in-Tariff payments, worth an extra £250, plus £50 per year by joining a GridShare platform.

Make it happen

  • Moixa Smart Batteries start from just £2,500 (excluding VAT and installation) and could save you hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bills. Moixa can also supply and install solar panels and Smart Batteries as a package, starting at £4,995.
  • To find out whether a Moixa Smart Battery or a full solar and battery package could be fitted to your home, call 0161 883 2374 or visit

Owen Byron, 20

Property: Three-bed semi in Kent

Why did you get a Moixa Smart Battery and Solar?
I know I’m not doing enough for the environment and buying a house that is such a drain on energy made me open my eyes to new possibilities. I keep reptiles as pets and they use a lot of energy for their lighting and heating. I did a bit of research and Moixa came out the best because of how engaging they were from the offset in answering my many questions.

How was the installation process?
The installers were friendly, professional, they engaged with me (I was really curious and had asked them loads of questions) then they got on with the set-up and it was all done in a day.

Have you had to change when or how you use energy or appliances?

What have been the main benefits of having a Moixa Smart Battery?
Knowing that it’s a good financial decision and also that it’s not a drain on the environment.

Have there been any drawbacks?
Maybe the initial cost, but I know in the long run it will be worth it financially – and for the soul!

Who would benefit from a Moixa Smart Battery and Solar?
I honestly can’t see a situation where it wouldn’t be a good choice.

Click here to find out why the Moixa Smart Battery is is a MyGreenPod Hero

Chris Bowden, 42

Property: Detached 1920s house, Essex

Why did you get a Moixa Smart Battery and Solar?
I already had the solar panels and I was waiting for battery technology to improve. After reading about Moixa in MyGreenPod Magazine it felt like the right time to make the leap.

How was the installation process?
So easy! The engineer came round, made some useful suggestions on where to put the battery and had the whole thing up and running within two hours!

Have you had to change when or how you use energy or appliances?
We haven’t had to change a thing! But having the smart battery and being able to monitor the energy usage so specifically actually encourages you to be even more conscientious about the energy usage in the household.

What have been the main benefits of having a Moixa Smart Battery?
I know we are going to be saving money on our electricity, but it’s also the peace of mind you get from knowing that our little family of four is taking small steps to improve our environmental footprint. You can’t put a price
on that!

Have there been any drawbacks?

Who would benefit from a Moixa Smart Battery and Solar?
It really doesn’t matter whether you’re living on your own or a family of eight! Once the system is installed you don’t have to do anything else. It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. As long as the initial Moixa survey says you can have it installed you’re good to go.

Steve Small, 54

Property: Three-bed semi in Birmingham

Why did you get a Moixa Smart Battery and Solar?
It’s a win-win situation. My bill estimates are lower by £20 each month and that’s just this first quarter, then I’ve got the added benefit of getting reimbursement from the grid when I give electricity back. Plus I get the peace of mind that I’m doing my bit for the environment.

Did you consider other renewable energy options for your home?
Last year I installed a wood burner; it saves me about £700 a year. Now that I have paid off my mortgage and we are staying in this house for the long term I’m all for making it as self-sufficient as possible. If I could put a wind turbine in the garden I would! I think the neighbours and my wife would have something to say about that, though.

How was the installation process?
Very straightforward; they were really efficient, really professional and clearly knew what they were doing.

Have you had to change when or how you use energy or appliances?
We’ve changed for the better, because it’s made us more conscious of our energy use. My kids are grown up and will be living with us for a while, so we’re trying to keep the cost of four adults in one house down to a minimum. Anything we can do to have zero impact on the environment – and the purse strings – can only be a good thing.

What have been the main benefits of having a Moixa Smart Battery?
To be honest, I feel a lot better knowing that I’m not destroying the planet. Anything I can do as an individual to contribute to a better future for my kids I am going to adopt. Also, I like to save money – keeping the outgoings low is another bonus.

Have there been any drawbacks?
I had to lop some trees for the sun to reach the panels!

Who would benefit from a Moixa Smart Battery and Solar?
I think everyone should be looking in this direction for an energy solution.

Click here to find out more about the different Moixa Smart Battery options and installation process.

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