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One Earth Show

Introducing the UK’s first event to take the guesswork out of sustainable living
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
One Earth Show

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The scale of the climate crisis is so huge that it can be hard to see how one individual can make a difference. Yet history shows that when human beings unite behind a cause they have the power to shift paradigms.

Regular My Green Pod readers will know our stance: we believe that if every person made one positive lifestyle change, the future would look much brighter for the next generations.

This year we’ve partnered with the One Earth Show (24-25 October 2020, Birmingham’s NEC) to help you find that change and explore how it could work for you and your family.

One Earth Show will bring speakers, practical workshops and exhibitors under one roof to help you discover the change that’s right for you, and give you practical advice on how to make it a success.

Whether you want to improve your recycling rate, reduce pollution or make a stand against climate change, you’ll come away with the tools and inspiration you need.

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Informed advice

The One Earth Show is the brainchild of Ed Tranter, who has 25 years’ experience in events and magazines. ‘In the end, the idea found me’, he tells us. ‘Over the last few years we’ve been trying, as a family, to live more sustainably. Everything seemed confusing and hard to navigate.’

Ed’s background naturally led him to seek event-based advice from charities, action groups and ethical suppliers. ‘It turned out there was no such event’, he tells us, ‘so here we are!’

Now, more than ever, there is a desire to make a difference; Ed’s research underlines what many already know: 94% of us want to live more sustainably but only 9% feel equipped to do so.

‘The environment, and our impact as consumers, is at the absolute forefront of our collective psyche’, Ed tells us. It’s great that the conversation has become more mainstream but we also need to raise awareness of the facts.’

The goal of the One Earth Show is to meet the need for advice and information while giving sustainable brands a platform to take their products and services mainstream.

From food to travel

The event will focus on five key themes that touch most households: food, fashion, beauty, home and tech and travel.

‘The only way to change our predicted path is for everyone to start making a change. As a father and as a human being, I want to be part of that change.’

Founder of One Earth Show

High-profile speakers will discuss the big issues facing the planet, and those who have made the journey to sustainable living will offer practical advice. One Earth Show will also introduce ethical suppliers who can help get you started and arm you with the knowledge to start making a change.

‘We are determined to make the event positive and motivating’, Ed explains. ‘People will leave with answers to their questions, and the motivation to get started in a way that suits their lifestyle and budget. As Greta Thunberg said, no one is too small to make a difference; everyone can do something. If everyone did something, then huge differences would happen.’

‘This is a perfect partnership for My Green Pod: we want to help shape and deliver a show that hits the spot for the custodians of our planet. We need to move away from being unconscious consumers and become conscious citizens; the One Earth Show will show us how.’

My Green Pod co-founders

A family event

One Earth Show is for everyone – from the curious to those passionate about protecting the planet. The content will be suitable for both adults and children to enjoy as a family, with accessibility reflected in the ticket pricing.

The inclusion of younger generations is key to Ed; his own children, who are all passionate about the natural world, inspired him to create the show.

Toby became vegetarian when he was 10 and Freya (11) was so touched by Iceland’s orangutan advert that she removed all items containing palm oil from the family’s cupboards. Molly (9) wants to be Steve Backshall when she grows up. Together, Ed’s children made him question how he was using his own skills to make a difference.

‘As with my family’s example, the younger generations are driving the change we need to see and encouraging the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. They are the parents of the future generations, so to educate, empower and harness their enthusiasm is essential.’

One Earth Forest

A tree will be planted for every One Earth Show ticket sold; the goal is to plant 100,000 trees in 2020.

‘We are working with our UN-approved global reforestation partner ForestNation to plant the One Earth Forest in Tanzania’, Ed tells us. ‘The project provides jobs, food and a livelihood for the local community.’

An initial 10,000 tree seedlings were planted in the tree nursery in Tanzania in January 2020.
The One Earth Show also has a sustainability pledge in partnership with the NEC, and it is working with partners and suppliers with environmental values that match the ethics underpinning the event.

Public transport providers are working in partnership with the e-ticket event and single-use plastic will be cut to an absolute minimum. The event’s carbon emissions will be offset.

‘I am really excited to see the high-profile speakers we have lined up to inspire visitors’, Ed tells us. ‘But most of all I will be thrilled to see visitors leaving with ideas to apply to their lifestyles. If each person makes just one change, that would have an amazing impact.’

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One Earth Show

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