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P.E.A. Awards 2017

Entries and nominations now open for the UK’s leading sustainability awards
P.E.A. Awards 2017

This article appears in the summer issue of Magazine, distributed with the Guardian on 14 July 2017. Click here to read the full digital issue online.

P.E.A. Awards 2017Now in its seventh year, the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards is the UK’s leading sustainability awards, honouring the individuals and teams behind the products, services and businesses that are changing the face of our planet.

Across sectors ranging from money to the arts, the P.E.A. Awards identifies and celebrates the green heroes who are taking matters into their own hands and providing inspiring alternatives to business as usual.

These sustainability pioneers are recognised and rewarded at our glamorous green carpet event, with music, entertainment and plenty of great food and drink! This year’s ceremony will be held in London on Friday 13 October, and the theme will be the Day of the Dead, so make sure you come dressed the part!


Sponsored by

Are you using art to change the world? Whether you create music or mime, film or fashion, we want to know about what you make, why you make it and how it’s going to make the world a better place for everyone. The Arts award is sponsored by, the one-stop-shop for ethical products, green news and giveaways.

Britain’s Greenest Family

Sponsored by Yeo Valley

Parents (and kids) are reducing their family’s carbon footprint by changing the way they live. Have you had a green idea that’s completely off the wall or easy for others to copy? The award for Britain’s Greenest Family is sponsored by Yeo Valley, the family farm that goes the extra country mile to look after its land, animals and people.


Sponsored by Octopus Energy

We’re looking for the individuals or teams at the helm of innovations or technologies that are helping to save power, reduce demand or generate clean energy. The Energy award is sponsored by Octopus Energy – a ‘new breed of energy supplier’ that has committed to real, long-term investment in renewable generation and a low-carbon future.

P.E.A. Awards 2017


Sponsored by Wyke Farms

Glorious food: how can it save a planet, a community or a business? Anyone tackling waste or improving production in this industry must enter. The Food award is sponsored by Wyke Farms, a 150-year-old family-owned cheesemaker and producer of renewable energy in the heart of Somerset’s Brue Valley.

Green Pioneer

Sponsored by Weleda

The Green Pioneer Award will go to a person or group with an innovative green business idea that’s pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo and serving as an inspiration to us all. New for 2017, this award is sponsored by green beauty pioneer Weleda, which has led the way in sustainable beauty since 1921.


Sponsored by Love Nature

We’re looking for Earth’s superheroes! Whether you’re saving the bees, birds or trees, the animals or the seas, now’s the time to step forward and be recognised. The Nature award is sponsored by Love Nature, a new subscription video streaming app that hosts a treasure trove of Nature documentaries in stunning 4K.


Sponsored by Mongoose Crowd

Money makes the world go round – but which way do we want it to turn? Enter if you’re shaking up finance in a bank, community or on you own. This category is sponsored by Mongoose Crowd, a new crowdfunding platform that offers bond and share investments in renewable energy projects across the UK


Whatever you’re doing in this sector – from helping us to travel more sustainably to running an eco-resort that’s a perfect green getaway – we want to hear from you. We all want to enjoy the countless places of beauty on Earth, but we need to make sure we get there – and stay there – in the most respectful and sensitive way possible.


Sponsored by Tideford Organics

Whether you’re a vegan campaigner or wear cruelty-free trainers, we want to hear what you’re doing to support the shift to plant-based lifestyles – in food, fashion and beyond! The Vegan award is sponsored by Tideford Organics, which broke the mould last year by launching the UK’s first vegan range of organic soups, broths and sauces.

Click here to enter or nominate someone for the Green Pioneer P.E.A. Award, and to see a full list of categories.

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