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Top Speaker Events has launched Natural Business Adventures, and is looking for your support to raise €15,000 through its Indiegogo campaign.

Top Speaker Events organises global events to bring innovation, new paradigm visions and proven strategies to the business world. Its Natural Business Adventures engage individuals and their businesses through the practical application of nature’s principles and interspecies wisdom. This ground-breaking approach enables leaders and their teams to bring about a sustainable way of doing business, drawing inspiration from the natural world while also protecting endangered wildlife.

white-lion-2These adventures bring what is natural into business, and teach leaders how to apply the Natural Business Model’s six principles: consciousness, co-creation, collaboration, contribution, culture and community. During the adventures, this unique formula is taught alongside the specific wisdom of the animal species that participants help. The overall mission of the adventures is to empower one business at a time to be more connected and aligned to the natural rhythm of success, and to empower leaders with ethical tools that resolve today’s business challenges in a sustainable fashion.

Each adventure focuses on a variety of business themes, such as communication, leadership and relationships, using the most appropriate animal wisdom – such as dolphins for communication, lions for leadership and wolves for relationships. The event starts with the leadership business theme, during which participants will work closely with lion wisdom. Those involved will learn the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT)’s principles of ‘LionHearted Leadership’ and see how they apply to business. Linda Tucker and her team will teach the international business community how to embrace the wisdom of these truly magnificent animals.

Tamar Peters, Founder of Top Speaker Events, said, ‘We are honoured and excited to launch this ground-breaking natural business adventure. These life-changing adventures will engage leaders from all over the world; they will learn the practical application of this new model of business and education “hands-on”.’

Linda Tucker, CEO of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, added, ‘LionHeartedness is not only a quality for pioneering conservationists today, it is also the key to leadership in the corporate arena. The legendary white lions are the most inspirational icons of LionHearted Leadership in action. It’s great to see companies like Top Speaker Events trying to create closer bonds between business and nature; we were delighted when Tamar approached us as the preferred cause to support her inaugural event. We are looking forward to welcoming her group of business leaders to the heart of the white lions’ ancestral territories.’

For over two decades, the WLT has been committed to creating a LionHearted World in which lions, land and people can flourish in mutually beneficial co-existence. The long-standing non-profit organisation is creating a better future for all in the white lions’ ancestral pride lands, while restoring the true relationship between human systems and ecosystems.

Top Speaker Events’ first Natural Business venture is supported by Quantum Leap Studios, a UK-based conscious media production company, and its Chief Storyteller, Christiane Pedros. The company delivers a transformational brand storytelling method that empowers entrepreneurs to share their message in a way that inspires hearts. Christiane is the media producer for Top Speaker Events’ Natural Business Adventures and will be documenting the natural business revolution as it unfolds.

Money raised through the Natural Business Adventures’ Indiegogo campaign will be used to cover the costs of its first 10-day adventure, which takes place in October 2014. It’s also hoped that enough funds will be raised to enable a disadvantaged aspiring entrepreneur to attend the next adventure.

Different levels of engagement are being offered for donations, and every single contribution counts. If you want to see business done in a different way and believe we have a lot to learn from the animal kingdom, then let’s all answer the call together.

Many thanks to UK photographer, Annabel Healy, for the campaign image used in the banner behind Linda Tucker.

To offer your support, please visit the Natural Business Adventures campaign.

More information about the White Lion Trust can be found at their website.

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