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Save cash – help the planet

This free app helps users plant trees and save money, making sustainability easier for everyone
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Save cash – and the planet

This article first appeared in our Women: time for action issue of My Green Pod Magazine, distributed with The Guardian on 02 July 2021. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

Get My Slice can put you back in control of your data and help you to use it for good.

The free, user-friendly app allows you to get more money back when you shop. Instead of the usual discounts you might see in stores or on cash-back sites, users receive personalised offers with an additional 80% of the money brands would normally spend on advertising to you.

Get My Slice has big plans for the planet, too, and has created a tree-planting partnership with My Green Pod and women-focused charity TreeSisters.

Join the Founders Club

As a thank you to early users of the app, Get My Slice has decided to give away some of the value of its company in the form of a Founders Club.

This is the first loyalty system of its kind; users can either choose to hold on to their points, which will be converted to cash once the app reaches its target number of users, or redeem them to plant trees and get prizes like cash or gift vouchers.

My Green Pod readers get an added bonus: Get My Slice will plant a tree for everyone who downloads the free app and signs up through My Green Pod’s unique link (click here). It will also plant a tree every time a user completes a My Green Pod offer.

When you sign up you’ll immediately get access to the Founders Club, where you can redeem points to plant more trees.

‘These days many companies are committed to helping people and the planet in some way, but at Get My Slice we wanted our members to be directly involved and see the benefits.

Our members are at the heart of our company and the Founders Club is an expression of that.

‘The Get My Slice app puts money back in your pocket through offers and makes it easy for you to help save the planet by planting trees.’

Founder and CEO, Get My Slice

Each tree is just 2,000 points; you get an additional 1,000 points just for signing up, plus 2,000 when you complete your first offer – so that’s nearly two trees already!

You can get even more points by spreading the word and sharing the app with your friends and family. Planting trees has never been easier.

Help plant our forest

Get My Slice has pledged to plant a minimum of 1,000 trees per month via its Founders Club, and as membership grows, more trees will be planted. The scheme will be a big support to My Green Pod’s goal to get 50,000 trees in the ground this summer.

Download the free Get My Slice app to check out thousands of offers from brands including My Green Pod. Soon you’ll be able to click on the Green category to find sustainable brands, and switch on Green Mode to plant even more trees when you shop!

Start planting trees! Click here to download the free Get My Slice app, for iOS or Android.

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