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September gifts

Tree2MyDoor’s top five perfect presents for autumn birthdays and celebrations
A festive autumn brunch among the yellow trees, with pumpkins, a yellow bouquet and pastries

September is the turning point for the year: the warmer days of summer draw to a close as we make way for the darker, cosier nights of autumn.

September is on the tail end of the wedding season, making it a popular month for marriage celebrations and also for anniversaries. It is also the second most popular month for birthdays!

To help you create memories that last, Tree2mydoor has put together a list of its favourite eco-friendly products that are perfect for autumn.

1. A gift fit for a king

The Myrtle Tree Gift, £34

Looking to make an impression? You can’t go wrong with The Myrtle Tree this September.

Recognised as a real Royal favourite, the Myrtle Tree is an evergreen delight. Ideal for bringing structure and colour into outdoor spaces, even in the darker, cooler evenings of autumn, this tree is both hardy and uniquely ornamental, making it an incredible wedding, birthday or celebration gift!

The evergreen nature of this tree symbolises long-standing friendship or love, no matter the time or distance.

2. For living life on the go

Huskup Triangles, £11.40

Ideal for those who live life on the go, the Huskup Triangles reusable cup has been carefully crafted from rice husk (not plastic), making it fully biodegradable.

This handy and stylish cup has no melamine, BPA or toxins, and puts an end to single-use cups from coffee shops. The perfect birthday gift for those who enjoy a warm drink for their commute in the cooler, darker mornings!

3. For the natural beauty

Tabitha James Kraan Scented Organic Hair Oil, £46

Give a feel-good gift – literally! The Tabitha James Kraan Scented Organic Hair Oil has been formulated to restore, protect and polish hair, leaving it healthy and radiant.

This luxurious oil is rich in antioxidants and contains 100% natural ingredients, guaranteeing that your recipient can feel pampered this autumn – whether they want to look and feel their best for their wedding day or a birthday celebration.

4. Grow your own

White Grape Vine Gift, £60

Looking for a gift that breathes sustainable sophistication and class? Then the White Grape Vine Gift could be exactly what you are looking for!

The slender branches produce plumes of bright green leaves, and by October the Grape Vine will have produced delicious bunches of green grapes that can be eaten from the vine, or even used to make a home-brew wine.

Ideal for the budding sommelier, or even as an experience gift for someone who would love an eco-friendly birthday project.

5. For those who have everything

Dwarf Apple Tree Gift, £63

Autumn gifting doesn’t get much better than the Dwarf Apple Tree Gift! For the person who already has everything, this fabulous all-rounder is a luxuriously delightful gift for birthdays and anniversaries alike.

Producing bountiful crops of apples, the Dwarf Apple is a hardy, planet-loving and compact tree that will bring colourful foliage to gardens and outdoor spaces. Ideal if your recipient loves to cook, as there is no dish more appropriate for the time of year than the delicious apple crumble.

Autumn gifting

Autumn is such an exciting time for spending time with friends, family and loved ones.

To create the sort of memories that last, we hope you have found something worth gifting.

If you’d like to see more, Tree2mydoor has created a top 10 unique gifts list. Plus, My Green Pod has a fabulous collection of Hero products that are perfect for gifting this September! View the range here.

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