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Summer birthday gifts

Tree2MyDoor’s top five perfect presents for summer birthdays
Close-up of bunting flags hanging among trees in a summer garden

August is traditionally the most popular month for birthdays (closely followed by September), so you might be struggling to come up with new and creative gift ideas.

Don’t panic – Tree2MyDoor has you covered with its top five gift suggestions for summer birthdays. They include options for everyone from savvy gardeners to budding chefs and young eco-warriors.

1. The gardener’s dream

Pink Blueberry Gift, £49

A Pink Blueberry gift is a perfect summer birthday present – for seasoned gardeners and novices alike. This unique fruit variety produces sweet and delicious berries with a distinct pink colour; the berries will ripen through August and September, making it a fabulous birthday gift this month.

Each year, the Pink Blueberry plant will produce bounties of homegrown berries with very little effort – perfect for even the least green-fingered loved one!

2. A gift for the budding barista

Puro Coffee 4-Month Supply, from £72.01

If you’re looking for a birthday gift that keeps on giving, then a four-month supply of delicious Puro Coffee could be the answer!

You can choose to gift beans or ground versions of this coffee, which combines notes of chocolate with citrus and natural sweetness.

Grown in Honduras, each kilo of Puro coffee sold has protected 20m squared of rainforest – so this is not only a birthday gift to a loved one, but also to the planet.

3. For the chef in the making

Lemon Tree Gift, £58

Looking for something to add a little zest to someone’s home? This blooming birthday
present is perfect for summer, and the lemon fruit can be sliced and added to celebration drinks!

This evergreen, indoor gift produces a sweet fragrance all year round, and can produce bounties of lemons throughout the year. Perfect for sany budding culinary wizard.

4. No screens? No problem

Nature Nurture Kids The Nature Nurture Kit, £78

Are you shopping for someone who’s a little younger? The Nature Nurture Kit is a fabulous all-rounder, especially for a little someone who is celebrating a birthday during the summer holidays this month!

Ideal for children aged 4-11, this kit contains a foldable littler picker, hard-wearing gardening gloves, a bee rescue kit and much much more. All are housed in a robust rucksack, created from recycled plastic bottles. This bag of wonders will provide screen-free birthday fun and is perfect for an eco-warrior in the making.

5. For finer tastes

The Lost Explorer Mezcal Espadin, £62.50

A birthday bottle of bubbly is often the default when you’re not sure what to buy – so why not add a luxurious twist to your birthday buying this August?

The Lost Explorer Mezcal Espadin is a deliciously smokey spirit with hints of chopped agave and sweet red apple, and has a fruity yet smokey finish. Handcrafted in the Valles Centrales, Oaxaca, each small batch comes in a hand-labelled bottle. The picture of birthday elegance.

Whether you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for gardeners, something unique for eco-conscious people,or a bit of fun for coffee and spirit lovers, there is something here for

If you’d like to see more, Tree2mydoor has a selection of personalised birthday gifts; click here to take a look.

Plus, My Green Pod has a superb variety of gifts – including plantable cards and eco gift wrap – that are perfect for birthday gifting this August. Browse and shop here.

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