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Take your tupperware to Morrisons

From May, customers will be able to use their own containers when buying meat or fish from Morrisons
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Take your tupperware to Morrisons

Morrisons has announced it will allow customers to use their own containers for meat and fish from the Morrisons’ Market Street Butcher and Fishmonger counters from May.

The new policy is part of a number of measures the supermarket is taking to reduce plastic pollution, in addition to its commitment to make all its own-brand plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by no later than 2025.

Ditching plastic

In a press release, Morrisons said it is ‘working through all of its own-brand products to identify, reduce and remove any unnecessary plastic packaging’, and that the supermarket will trial the effect of removing plastic packaging from fruit and vegetables in a number of stores. The aim is to look at how plastic packaging can be reduced without increasing food waste.

Plastic and food waste – new study shows plastic packaging is ‘failing to prevent food waste crisis’

One of the first pieces of packaging to be replaced will be black plastic trays, used for fresh meat and fish, which will be phased out by the end of 2019.

Morrisons has already made water freely available in its cafés for customers who want to refill their water bottles, and water fountains will be fitted to new stores.

‘Reducing the damage caused by plastic is one of the most challenging issues society can address. Because we make most of the fresh food we sell, we’re in an important position to make changes to our packaging. Joining WRAP’s Plastic PACT also offers a special opportunity to work collaboratively to take this opportunity.’

Chief executive of Morrisons

Responding to customer demand

The company is taking action because its own research says that plastic reduction is now the third most important issue to Morrisons customers.

Morrisons no longer buys plastic drinking straws and now only buys cotton buds with paper stems rather than plastic ones. The supermarket also no longer sells 5p single-use carrier bags.

Since 2010, Morrisons has reduced the weight of packaging used across its Market Street counters by 50% (10,000 tonnes).

Currently 82% of the plastic by weight in the supermarket’s packaging is recyclable. To achieve the 100% target, it will be collaborating with suppliers, other retailers, local authorities and WRAP.

Click here to add your name to the call for supermarkets to introduce a plastic-free aisle.

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