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The Juice Man

Could an organic cleanse help you live longer?

Andrew Cooper spent the last 10 years sharing his love for juices, smoothies and raw food with friends and family — and watching their lifestyles and general health improve as a result. As the demand for his concoctions and cleanses grew, he decided to share his passion more widely and enlisted the creative flair of renowned chef Arthur Potts Dawson.

Arthur has travelled across the globe and worked alongside top talent in the world’s best kitchens over his 27-year career as a professional chef. His own restaurants boast ‘a revolutionary approach to environmental sustainability’, with Acorn House described by top critic Giles Coren as ‘the most important restaurant to open in London in the past 200 years’.

Arthur’s signature style is eco-friendly and sustainably sourced food; the seasonal recipes he creates for Juiceman celebrate the wonderful British countryside and support organic farming. From seed to bottle, everything is hand-picked, hand-made and hand-bottled — then hand-stamped by Juiceman to guarantee the quality of the final product.

Unadulterated nutrition

Rather than being ‘yet another brand’, as Andrew puts it, Juiceman represents a choice to embrace a healthier lifestyle that’s supplemented by 100% organic, natural and unprocessed nutrition. Andrew firmly believes that optimum nutrition extends life expectancy, and that we can enjoy long, healthy lives by consuming the best produce we possibly can.

‘Organic and seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables are the best food for your body and mind’, says Andrew, ‘and the most natural and harmonious way to feed people. At one time, ‘organic’ was the only way we grew food.’ The raw cold press, which Andrew believes is ‘the best way to liberate the enzymes and nutrients’ in all the organic produce, pulverises the ingredients and, by applying around seven tonnes of pressure to the pulp, squeezes out every drop of juice.

‘The results are perfect extraction of the nutrients and, quite simply, the best-tasting juice on the planet!’, says Andrew. ‘Our cold pressed juices will provide you with over 1kg of organic fruit and vegetables in a bottle packed with easily digestible raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes, flooding your body with pure unadulterated nutrition.’

The juice cleanse

Juice fasting is one of the oldest ways to allow the human body to rid itself of toxins and heal itself. We take on average 18 hours to process each piece of food that we consume, so eating three meals a day with snacks would mean your body never stops working.

Over time toxins build up and coat your internal system, creating an acidic pH (rather than the alkaline pH the human body needs). If your colon and digestive system are coated in waste from meat and dairy products, your body will only be able to absorb a small percentage of the ‘good stuff’ you consume.

Ideally, it’s good to get three seasonal five- or seven-day cleanses in per year: one after Christmas and the others before and after summer. Lots of people opt for a one-day cleanse each week as it’s a good way to reset any bad lifestyle or dietary habits that start to creep in. Everyone is different and has a different goal, so visit to design your own bespoke cleanse.

Picked, pulped, delivered

Juiceman’s mission is to provide those leading a busy lifestyle with an easy way to maintain optimum health. It can deliver 100% organic, cold pressed, unpasteurised juices, nut milks, tonics, shots and cleanses every morning and bring daily goodness straight to your door — just like the local milkman.

The cold pressed and unpasteurised juices will stay fresh for three days if they’re refrigerated as instructed. There’s one delivery for every two-day cleanse or juice box and up to three deliveries for a six-day cleanse, so you have the freshest juices possible without overloading your fridge. Woolcool thermo liners and DryFreeze inserts are used during transit to ensure the juices remain at their optimum temperature right up until they’re delivered.

The good stuff

Here are just three examples of the juices, shots and milks available from Juiceman — you can see the full menu on

  • Turmeric milk
    Cashew nut, date, hemp seed, Himalayan salt, vanilla, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, honey
    For: Skin and hair boost, anti-inflammatory
  • 04 shot
    Aloe vera, grapefruit
  • Power roots juice
    Carrot, apple, sweet potato, ginger, lemongrass, yellow beet, turmeric
    For: Liver detox, skin health, heart health, anti-inflammatory


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