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The Kopparberg Recycling Rig

Londoners hand in empty cans and bottles to power a party that helps keep parks green
Kopparbergís Recycling Rig

London’s parks were left a little bit greener over the weekend as park revellers traded in their empty bottles for music beats.

Arriving unannounced into the capital’s most popular parks, the Kopparberg ‘Recycling Rig’ made its first stops in a number of hotspots, including London Fields, Victoria Park and Finsbury Park, and powered music in exchange for empty cans and bottles.

Bank holiday parties

The initiative is set to hit the road again across the bank holiday weekend – and Londoners are openly invited to a Kopparberg party in return for their environmental efforts.

Taking place at East London’s Number 90on Saturday 26 August, attendees will be able to sample Kopparberg fruit cider and lager and enjoy exclusive DJ sets from Pixie Geldof and DJ Yoda.

Built from upcycled materials including reclaimed wood, the 3m-high truck features 30 music speakers, which are powered by the empties handed in by Londoners. The more that are handed in, the longer the music plays.

The Kopparberg Recycling Rig is trading empties for retro playlists including remixes of popular classics and summer-inspired hits hosted by a resident DJ.

The rig is powered by empty bottles and cans
The rig is powered by empty bottles and cans
Kopparbergís Recycling Rig is pictured in London Fields
The rig encourages Londoners to exchange bottles for beats
Kopparbergís Recycling Rig in London Fields
Kopparbergís Recycling Rig in London Fields
The Recycling Rig arrived unannounced in London Fields
The Recycling Rig arrived unannounced in London Fields

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