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Vegan festival guide

Veganism on the rise as number of UK vegan festivals doubles

Veganism is on the rise – a fact demonstrated in the new free guide to UK vegan festivals. Around 80 UK vegan festivals have already been listed for 2017, with more still to be announced.

The UK vegan festivals guide features events from almost every city in the UK as veganism continues to grow at astonishing rates.

Festivals driving the switch

With vegan food sales up 1,500% year on year and a 360% rise in the number of vegans in the UK over the last decade, the growth is expected to continue – with vegan festivals playing a big part in driving the rapid expansion.

The vegan festivals guide features a number of vegan festival organisers who work both independently and collectively to produce a huge range of different festivals.

Some listings are brand-new regional events with around 30 stalls and 500 visitors, while the three-day London exhibition features around 300 stalls and attracts 15,000 visitors.

The guide is published by VegfestUK, one of the forerunners of the UK vegan festivals scene, in line with its long-standing policy of promoting all the vegan events rather than just its own.

Join the movement!

This guide book is invaluable for any business, non-profit organisation, speaker or performer looking for vegan festivals to participate at, or the rapidly growing amount of people in the UK who are interested in veganism right now.

It contains all the essential information on the UK’s vegan festivals – from dates, venues, ticket info, contact details and links to unique features and some awesome pictures.

On top of the festival listings, you’ll get an introduction to a number of fantastic 30-day vegan pledges run by the UK’s largest vegan outreach organisations.

Click here to view the full vegan festivals guide.

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