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What did you buy in 2022?

We look back at My Green Pod's top-selling products of the year
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
What did you buy in 2022?

According to a Statista poll, this year nearly 30% of UK adults said they would be prepared to pay more for goods and services from brands that respect and support human rights.

A considerable share of UK consumers also said they would be willing to spend more money on brands that protect and support biodiversity and commit to ethical working practices.

We’ve crunched the numbers on our ethical marketplace, where you can shop according to your values and filter vegan, organic and plastic-free sustainable products – from fashion to food.

Below are our top-selling products of the year and a bit of information about what makes them special. Some might be familiar favourites, while others might be new options for your ethical shopping list!

1. Tree Planting Subscription with TreeSisters

From £2/month

Doing your bit for the future has never been easier – or more popular! With this simple subscription model from TreeSisters you can provide ongoing support to nature, biodiversity and future generations by paying female-led communities to plant trees in the tropics, where they deliver the greatest impact.

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2. Seed & Bean Espresso Dark Chocolate (75g)


This one is for true connoisseurs – more evidence (as if we need it) of our My Green Pod community’s exquisite taste. You’ve been coming back for more of this indulgent bar, made from the highest quality Peruvian coffee beans from the Amazon and delicious dark chocolate from Seed & Bean – the UK’s only chocolate company to receive a 100% ethical pass mark accreditation.

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3. Eco Green Living Compostable Cling Film (30m)


2022 is the year plastic-free living got easier than ever before – thanks in large part to demand from customers like you. Eco Green Living’s 100% compostable bio food wrap is made from 97% PBAT and 3% PLA – two completely natural plant-based materials that degrade within six months – meaning you can feel safe knowing you are not wrapping your food with chemicals from plastic.

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4. Avallen Calvados 70cl


Everyone’s favourite apple brandy – made with nothing but apples, water, and time – is now available in a revolutionary new paper bottle that has one fifth of the carbon footprint and one sixth of the water footprint of a traditional glass bottle! The new, pioneering packaging is a great step forward in Avallen’s mission to become the world’s most planet-positive spirits brand.

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5. Seedball Wildlife Collection Wildflower Seeds


Anyone can rewild! No experience is necessary, and with this special selection of seeds even the youngest nature warriors can expect results. Simply scatter on top of soil – out of car windows, on unloved land or in window boxes – and the seeds will grow into flowers and plants that support bees, butterflies, birds, bats and even hedgehogs.

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6. D2W Oxy-Biodegradable Swing Bin Liners (x15)


Another must-have household product for anyone trying to reduce their plastics footprint and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. These oxy-biodegradable swing bin liners are for normal domestic rubbish. They will completely degrade to H2O and CO2 within a period of 12-18 months, unlike the typical plastic bag that will be around for about 400 years!

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7. MACK Hairy Scumbag Drain Maintainer BioPod


Yep – another product to help end plastic pollution and those entirely unnecessary single-use bottles that cleaning products are packaged in – and which usually contain a solution that’s almost entirely water. This handy, biodegradable BioPod (just add water at home) will keep your pipes, drains and plug holes free from hair and scum.

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8. Eco Green Living Freezer Bags

£3.99 – £15.96

These compostable freezer bags are food safe, free from microplastics and made using only sustainable, natural ingredients. The range is 100% compostable in a home compost or industrial setting, leaving no residue behind. On top oft heir eco credentials, they also help you to save food waste – and money! – by making it easier to save leftovers and cook in batches.

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9. MACK Dr Dre’n Drain Unblocker BioPod


Like MACK’s Hairy Scumbag (see above), this BioPod will help you to fight waste plastic in the home. Use the citrus-scented solution (just add water at home and mix in your own bottle) to speed up slow-moving drains and pipes. Enzymatic action breaks down the substances, then good bacteria create a beautifully smooth and slippery biofilm to aid the flow of water.

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10. Serious Tissues Toilet Paper (36 rolls)


Soft, high-quality and 100% recycled 3-ply toilet paper that is sourced and made in the UK – we can see why you love it! This is the UK’s first carbon-neutral toilet paper, with a tree planted for every roll sold. Each roll has 280 sheets, making it almost 50% longer than a standard supermarket loo roll.

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