The culmination of years of research, and the ideal marriage of science and alchemy, The Bio Lipophilic Matrix® consists of a specific blend of pure organic, cold-pressed plant oils carefully nurtured for their high biochemical affinity with the lipidic human skin layer.

These super-concentrated oils are energised prior to production, using a patent applied technique that harnesses the principle that all matter is alive (quantum mechanics). Ancient alchemy is employed to heighten the oils’ vital force. The idea is simple: to deliver the purest, high quality, supernatural nutrients in a form the skin instantly recognises.

The plant complex is loaded with skin rejuvenating efas, ceramides, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, all designed to deliver a dynamic burst of highly effective nourishment, regeneration and detoxification to the skin. Think of it as turbo-charged organic beauty – with a dash of Italian style and va, va voom!

Just launched at Inlight

The exquisite, good enough to eat Chocolate Face Mask, with pure cocoa powder – an antioxidant rich in magnesium and selenium – is especially good for brightening, deeply feeding and calming your skin.

Inlight Super-food Face Mask with spirulina and barley grass, both high in chlorophyll, is a wonderfully uplifting and rejuvenating face mask to detoxify and repair the skin. Brimming with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, and rich in vitamin E, this is the perfect weekly detox and anti-ageing treatment. Both masks contain baobab powder, acclaimed as a 21st century superfood, which gently exfoliates without stripping the skin of its natural oils.


Whatever the weather, these organic products contain active ingredients to help bring the glow back to your face and skin.

Inlight organic Face Cleanser, £36.00 (60ml)

This exquisite balm is precious nectar for dry, sensitive or mature skin as it effortlessly moisturises as it cleanses. The oil-based formula makes this gentle yet effective cleanser ideal for removing makeup.
Star ingredients: Coconut, olive, green tea and rosemary.

Inlight organic Floral Face Tonic, £23.50 (100ml)

This toner is extremely gentle, highly emollient and won’t dry even the most delicate skin. It works like a dream with Inlight organic Face Cleanser (see above). It also performs beautifully as an instant skin tonic and reviver at any time of the day. The toner is alcohol-free and 100% organic.
Star ingredients: Rose, Roman chamomile, lavender and cornflower.

Inlight organic Super-food Face Mask, £44.00 (50ml)

This is a wonderfully uplifting and rejuvenating face mask to detoxify and repair the skin. Brimming with antioxidants and essential fatty acids – and so rich in vitamin E – this is the perfect weekend detox and anti-ageing treatment.
Star ingredients: Spirulina powder, barley grass, rosehip oil, baobab powder.

Inlight organic Daily Face Oil, £32.00 (30ml)

We love the way this oil brings a celluloid, goddess flush to the face after gentle massage, diffusing fine lines – especially when patted carefully around the delicate eye area. This cult face oil flows over skin like a caress. With euphoric top notes of vanilla, this vibrant oil is packed with organic flower and seed oil extracts and is excellent for feeding the skin daily.
Star ingredients: Blue mallow, rosehip oil, lavender, evening primrose oil and jojoba oil.

Inlight organic Body Butter, £48.00 (60ml)

A delightful, restorative body butter that is rich, comforting and pleasingly aromatic. It sinks in effortlessly to pamper, soothe and replenish skin whilst toning and restoring. Another super-concentrated formula without water, so a little really does go a long way. A glorious pampering treatment balm for dry or sensitive skin and suitable during pregnancy.
Star ingredients: Coconut, rosehip oil, nettle and bilberry.

Inlight organic Firm & Tone Oil, £45.00 (100ml)

Dr Spiezia has formulated this powerful, toning body oil with high concentrations of active plant oils and astringent, toning herbs selected for their traditional use in relieving water retention, breaking down fat deposits, toning and improving the appearance of cellulite. You can expect more healthy, toned and elastic looking skin after few applications.
Star ingredients: Green tea, ginger root and burdock.


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