BY CHRIS JORDAN, 12th August '14

Message from the Gyre (2009-current)

‘I think most of our big problems in the physical world (war, oil dependence, ocean pollution, extinctions and climate destruction, to name a few) can be seen as external symptoms of an emotional/spiritual sickness that resides in our inner landscape, individually and collectively.

‘We in the so-called first world have become lost in a tormented mental state of unconscious fear, which fosters collective anxiety, hostility, corruption, greed, selfishness, violence, destruction – and hence the external problems (both environmental and social) that we see growing exponentially all around us.

‘In that light, perhaps one form of revolution we need is a shift in our collective focus, from trying endlessly and in vain to fix all the problems “out there”, toward examining and healing the root causes of those problems that live in here, inside our consciousness.

‘What would it look like for us to collectively heal our hearts and return to reverent and loving relationship with Life? And how can such a thing be achieved? I think artists have a role to play there.’

Chris Jordan, Seattle, 2014

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