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Biodynamic Gardening

Weleda and DK publish an updated edition of Monty Waldin’s ‘biodynamic bible’
Weleda republishes Biodynamic Gardening

In a new collaboration, Weleda and Dorling Kindersley have published an updated paperback edition of Monty Waldin’s unbeatable Biodynamic Gardening, as part of Weleda’s 2021 Centenary celebrations.

If you are curious about organic gardening and what biodynamic growing has to offer, then Biodynamic Gardening is the perfect way to get going.

This incredibly accessible, practical guide comes with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions on biodynamic techniques for home gardeners and allotmenteers.

Full-colour photographs and easy-to-understand charts and graphs provide helpful tools that anyone can understand. 

‘It’s so encouraging that Biodynamic Gardening has taken on a new lease of life with this co-publication by DK and Weleda – an updated paperback edition making my book even more accessible to all.

‘Biodynamic gardening has never been more relevant, at a time when so many of us are looking to grow more at home, to increase our self-sufficiency and make our gardens more resilient to the effects of climate change.

‘We are all realising how precious it is to produce our own food, to ensure quality, purity and freshness to support our health and wellbeing.’

Author of Biodynamic Gardening

What is biodynamic gardening?

The biodynamic approach takes organic gardening to the next level, being mindful of the natural cycles of the moon and other planets.

Topics include lunar charts, composting, rich and healthy soil, organically controlling pests and more.

Eco-conscious gardeners everywhere should be keen to explore methods that increase yield and harvest edible crops with a depth of flavour rarely matched on supermarket shelves. Biodynamic gardening methods promise both.

This inspirational guide to growing veg, fruit and ornamental plants offers crystal clear, practical advice, across 256 pages of shared know-how.

It uses practical illustrations and glorious photography to tell you what to do when – from soil preparation and planting to harvesting at optimum times for the best flavour.

The new paperback edition is co-published with DK, using oil palm free paper and mineral oil free inks, printed on FSC paper from responsible sources.

Biodynamic Gardening

About Monty Waldin

Monty Waldin is the first wine writer to dedicate himself to biodynamic growing.

He has made wine in both hemispheres and has worked in conventional, organic and biodynamic vineyards and wineries and is uniquely positioned to compare the pros and cons of each.

These experiences have allowed Monty to get behind the muck, magic and mystery of biodynamic growing, giving him a distinctive and respected voice.

His first book, The Organic Wine Guide (Thorsons, 1999), published while Monty developed a biodiversity project for a Demeter certified biodynamic vineyard in California, was voted Britain’s Wine Guide of the Year.

In 2007 while living in Roussillon in France, Monty was filmed by Britain’s Channel 4 Television; Château Monty became the first ever observational TV documentary on biodynamic winemaking from pruning to bottling.

Monty has also contributed to BBC radio and TV and many British newspapers.

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