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Cleaner, cheaper power

Mark Millar, CEO of Puredrive Energy, explains how new technology has the power to protect your planet, property and pocket
Puredrive Energy's PureStorage II Battery

This article first appeared in our Organic September issue of My Green Pod Magazine, published 08 September 2023. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

As homeowners strive for more sustainable lifestyles and home energy solutions, innovative green technologies are emerging to reduce carbon footprints and energy bills.

One of the solutions from Puredrive Energy is the groundbreaking PureStorage II Battery 5kWh and PureCharger 7kW-T, which together represent a perfect combination of energy storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

As well as delivering significant savings, these solutions use automation to support a greener and more efficient lifestyle – all seamlessly integrated through the Puredrive app to make low-carbon living easy.

Low-cost energy

The PureStorage II Battery 5kWh uses LiFePO4, the highest performing and safest chemistry available, and revolutionises residential energy storage with its exceptional performance.

Designed for longevity, this battery can withstand an impressive 10,000 cycles (a typical household uses one cycle a day) and can withstand faster charging speeds than its competitors.

In today’s evolving energy market, faster and more durable batteries unlock even greater savings than ever before.

Dynamic energy tariffs are gaining popularity, presenting opportunities to charge home battery systems with low-cost grid energy during periods of low demand.

This generates additional savings by ensuring that the energy purchased from the grid is always the cheapest and cleanest energy available, saving you money and reducing pressure on the grid.

Switch tariffs at any time

At the same time, smart software inside the Puredrive app means you don’t need to schedule charging, and substantial savings can be made on utility bills through automation.

With the Puredrive app you don’t need to worry about when to start or stop battery and EV charging sessions; Puredrive uniquely operates energy supplier variable rate tariffs, creating greater independence for your home.

Rather than being tied to an energy supplier, Puredrive customers are free to switch tariff at any time, with no stipulations.

Understand your energy

Acting as a centralised hub, the app seamlessly connects the PureStorage II Battery 5kWh, PureCharger 7kW-T and all components in the Puredrive Energy ecosystem.

This integration empowers homeowners with comprehensive and easy-to -understand insights into their energy usage patterns, allowing them to make informed decisions and optimise their energy consumption.

Cutting-edge EV charging

With the rapid transition to electric cars, an efficient and versatile EV charging solution is essential.

The PureCharger 7kW-T sets itself apart from the competition with market-leading integration with solar and battery systems.

The Puredrive app presents a range of charging modes tailored to meet the diverse needs of homeowners.

This flexibility ensures optimal home energy management, making it the ideal choice for EV owners looking for a cutting-edge charging solution.

Puredrive app
Puredrive app interface

EV charging modes

PureGreen mode allows you to charge your EV exclusively with clean, green energy. This mode lets you prioritise free green energy for your EV charging, and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

GreenBoost mode enables you to make use of your free green energy and top up from the grid if necessary. This ensures your car will always reach the desired state of charge while also maximising the use of solar energy – the perfect balance of sustainable energy use and efficient EV charging.

Smart mode is yet another gamechanger in EV charging technology; in this mode you will only purchase the cheapest and greenest energy available. This intelligent feature not only saves you money but also eases the burden on the grid during periods of peak demand. With seamless integration with any variable rate tariff, you can enjoy automatic and hassle-free savings while optimising your charge.

TimedBoost brings an extra level of convenience, as you can set a minimum energy requirement by a specific time.

By combining GreenBoost, Smart mode, and TimedBoost, homeowners get maximum use of the cheapest and cleanest energy available.

See your savings

Puredrive Energy’s app is tailored to the user. It provides access to real-time energy monitoring with customisable timeframes, a full overview of your home’s energy consumption, scheduled battery charging, intelligent system overview and full control of the Purecharger, with seamless integration of the data from the PureStorage II Battery 5kWh and the PureCharger 7kW-T.

You get to see your energy generation, storage and EV charging all in one simple interface.

Additional features, like the green report and historic overview, provide valuable insights into your energy usage trends over any timeframe.

Puredrive’s tech team is using AI and machine learning to continuously improve the automation processes within the app, meaning customers can spend less time worrying about manually operating their systems and more time looking at how much money and carbon they have saved.

Rapid response

Puredrive is uniquely positioned to provide outstanding customer support. We have over 70 members of staff just outside Cheltenham in the UK, and our in-house manufacturing has created a perfect channel for manufacturing staff to progress to front-facing support roles.

This provides an opportunity to engage with members of the team who understand the products inside and out.

Deep layers of support are available because the brains behind the products are in the UK, resulting in rapid response rates.

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