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Committing to the nut

This new body butter has been a labour of love – and now it’s giving back
Committing to the nut

This article first appeared in our spring ’19 issue of MyGreenPod Magazine, The Organic Revolution, distributed with the Guardian on 31 May 2019. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

After having her third baby last summer, Claire McKeever’s eczema flared up – not helped by her dry skin. ‘With a six-year-old and a four-year-old as well, there wasn’t much time for my body to recover – let alone my mind’, Claire tells us. ‘I had so much to celebrate and to be thankful for, but I was constantly exhausted and stressed.’

Fortunately Claire’s business, Pure Lakes Skincare, makes beautiful natural and organic products that smell divine, and the arrival of baby number three coincided with one of her most exciting product launches. It has been so helpful with her eczema and dry skin that Claire now finds she can’t leave home without it.

The Mimosa & Petitgrain Body Butter combines organic shea butter with wonderful plant oils. Packed with fatty acids and vitamins, it’s an incredible moisturiser that can also help with dry or problem skin.

A high-maintenance nut

The wild shea nut tree grows exclusively in the savannahs of the Sahel region of northern Africa, and the organic shea butter used by Pure Lakes comes from a women’s co-operative in Burkina Faso. As well as being organic, this shea butter is made traditionally – physically refined with no solvents to ensure the precious vitamins and nutrients are protected.

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Shea butter is a magical ingredient but it’s made from a high-maintenance nut. ‘On the days we make body butter I have to take a deep breath, ignore all calls and commit fully to the nut’, Claire tells us. ‘It melts extremely quickly and doesn’t respond well to being overheated. Not unlike a toddler, it doesn’t appreciate being left in the corner – instead requiring stirring every 15 minutes to obtain that smooth consistency.’

Mimosa and petitgrain have a deep, sweet, floral scent and for Claire the combination of the beautiful smell and enriched butter make for a wonderfully indulgent night-time ritual. ‘When Shakespeare wrote ‘to thine own self be true’, I’m not sure he had a body butter in mind’, Claire laughs. ‘However, it’s certainly true that many of us don’t look after ourselves properly. How can we help others if we don’t help ourselves?’

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