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‘Earth is no toy’

For Earth Day 2023, Greta Thunberg’s Fridays For Future releases new campaign addressing G20 leaders
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Earth is no toy

In celebration of Earth Day (April, 22th 2023), Fridays for Future, the global youth-led climate strike movement founded by Greta Thunberg, has unveiled its latest advertising campaign: ‘Earth is no toy.’

Through this campaign the organisation invites G20 leaders to take the necessary steps towards addressing the climate crisis and protecting our planet.

The G20 is supposed to address climate change mitigation and sustainable development. The campaign features G20 leaders depicted as children, holding our planet like a ball, with the tagline ‘Earth is no toy’.

‘Humanity is at a crossroads’

The campaign is a call to action for our leaders to acknowledge the gravity of the situation, with the hope that they will become the role models we need.

It’s intending to touch our leaders, to remind them that they were once child, and to encourage them to work towards a more sustainable future for us all.

The recent IPCC report reiterated that the science is clear and the need to act is urgent. Even the UN secretary-general has called out world leaders for their inaction.

‘Humanity is at a crossroads. Now is when we decide how we want to go on as a civilisation. Will we create a liveable, just, equitable future for everyone? Or will we let present and future generations live with chaos and destruction? The planet’s life-supporting systems are disintegrating, and our environment needs to be restored.’

Fridays For Future US

What climate change looks like

The impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent and devastating; we are witnessing unprecedented weather phenomena such as snow in California, typhoons wreaking havoc in the Philippines and Oceania and wildfires scorching vast swaths of land in Australia.

The rising global temperatures have intensified droughts in Africa and Central America, while other regions like Asia experience an increase in torrential rains, resulting in catastrophic floods.

The Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets continue to melt at alarming rates, causing sea levels to rise and threatening coastal cities worldwide.

Ocean acidification, a direct consequence of increased carbon dioxide emissions, is endangering marine life and vital ecosystems like coral reefs.

Climate change has also exacerbated extreme weather events like hurricanes, cyclones and heatwaves, putting millions of lives and livelihoods at risk.

The loss of biodiversity, deforestation and desertification are further consequences of human-induced climate change, threatening the delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystems and the survival of countless species.

‘This campaign includes a subtle nod to a famous ‘globe scene.’ Hopefully, our leaders will catch the reference.’

Creative agency

Featured leaders

The Fridays for Future’s ‘Earth is no toy’ campaign, imagined and produced by creative agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles, is now available for viewing on Fridays for Future’s social media channels and website.

The organisation invites all individuals to join in this call to action and share the message widely.

The characters of the ‘Earth is no toy’ campaign have been designed with the support of AI, by AI producer Benjamin Benichou in Los Angeles. The campaign has received generous support from Wild Posting and You Me Him and Her. 

The campaign features child versions of Anthony Albanese (Prime Minister of Australia), Joe Biden (President of the United States of America), Mohammed bin Salman (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia), Luiz Enácio Lula da Silva (President of Brazil), Tayyip Erdoğan (President of Turkey), Alberto Fernández (President of Argentina), Xi Jinping (President of the People’s Republic of China), Fumio Kishida (Prime Minister of Japan), Emmanuel Macron (President of France), Giorgia Meloni (Prime Minister of Italy), Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India), Andrés Manuel López Obrador (President of Mexico), Cyril Ramaphosa (President of South Africa), Olaf Scholz (Chancellor of Germany), Yoon Suk Yeol (President of South Korea), Rishi Sunak (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada), Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission), Joko Widodo (President of Indonesia).

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