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This award-winning hotel and resort chain is ramping up its eco credentials to demonstrate how ethical tourism is done
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Delphina Hotels & Resorts

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There’s no longer any reason to believe environmental considerations require compromise when it comes to luxury: the 5* Valle dell’Erica Thalasso & SPA was named Europe’s Leading Green Resort at the World Travel Awards 2019.

The resort is just one of P.E.A. Award-winning Delphina Hotels & Resorts’ eight 4* and 5* destinations nestled on the north Sardinian coast in Gallura – each with its own identity and charm but all united by the owners’ commitment to sustainability.

EVs to renewables

The chain’s environmental practices are summarised in its We Are Green protocol. They range from small details – such as printing catalogues with certified eco-friendly paper and vegetable-based inks – to huge achievements. Delphina was the first Italian hotel chain to use 100% green energy from fully renewable sources in all hotels, resorts and the main offices.

Electric vehicles, which are recharged on site, are provided to transport guests around the resorts, and eco-bio and paraben-free products are used in the Thalasso & SPA centres and guest rooms. Ecolabel products are used for standard room cleaning.

Delphina has also removed plastic bottles used by more than 1,500 members of staff – in the hotels and resorts and also at the headquarters.

After winning the coveted World Travel Award, Delphina pledged to invest even more to preserve, protect and connect guests with the local environment in 2020 and beyond.

Wellness in nature

4* Resort Le Dune & SPA is a family-friendly resort set in a private park of 280,000m², surrounded by sand dunes, junipers and vines that face the waters of Golfo dell’Asinara at the Marina di Badesi. This year it will be home to a beautiful extended organic garden.

The impressive vegetable garden, built on the grounds of an old vineyard, currently features aromatic herbs and fruit trees. It will be extended to increase the resort’s ‘zero kilometre’ produce and allow guests to explore and learn about native plants.Children and adults can freely wander and discover the henhouse and aviaries to see the peacocks, ducks and chicks– and even collect the eggs laid by free-range hens.

Next year, guests at Le Dune Resort & SPA will also be able to enjoy free hatha yoga lessons, a traditional style of yoga with gentle poses, breathing exercises and meditation, in a new outdoor, sea-facing space – built between the sand dunes – for what promises to be the ultimate ‘wellness in nature’ experience.

Culture and craftsmanship

5* Resort Valle dell’Erica Thalasso & SPA is set in a private park and surrounded by 1,400m of unspoilt coastline. It’s a favourite destination for couples and families alike, and winner of a Condé Nast Traveller Reader’s Choice Award in 2019.

Next season, guests will be able to enjoy the new Farmer’s Corner at the extensive breakfast buffet; it will feature a delicious selection of traditional products including Sardinian bread, goat and sheep cheeses, marinated specialties and cold cuts – all from local farms or nearby fields.

Sustainability and wellness in a relaxed, natural and luxury setting has always been the mantra across Delphina properties. In 2020 guests can continue to connect with nature and experience genuine Sardinian culture, hospitality, craftsmanship and cuisine in an environmentally conscious and picturesque landscape.

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