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A beautiful new paper bottle is the next step in Avallen’s journey to becoming ‘the world’s most planet-positive drinks company’
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Avallen calvados in its new paper bottle

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Avallen has cemented its position as a pioneer in the sustainable drinks sector; in addition to being climate positive, the calvados brand has become one the first mainstream spirits producers to offer its delicious liquid in a paper bottle.

The eye-catching packaging is far more robust than glass and six times lighter, weighing in at just 82 grams. It won’t cost customers any more than the traditional glass bottle, but has a carbon footprint six times lower than the average glass alternative.

Planet-positive business

The bottle is beautifully detailed, with a colourful and intricate wrap around design and details of the product’s environmental footprint on the back.

It reflects the sustainable credentials that make Avallen a popular choice with conscious citizens, as well as the delicate, floral and fruity flavours that calvados lovers adore.

‘We have always been a pioneering brand that creates sumptuous spirits while treading lightly on the planet’, says Avallen co-founder Stephanie Jordan. ‘In fact, being sustainable is built into every stage of Avallen’s process, from distillation to shelf. This new bottle, a goal since we launched, is just another part of our journey to becoming the world’s most planet-positive drinks company.’

A lighter option

The paper bottle was developed by sustainable packaging brand Frugalpac, which has a global mission to decarbonise the food and drinks industry.

It’s made from 94% recycled paper, with a food-grade plastic pouch to keep the liquid safe.

The lighter bottle reduces shipping emissions and also makes Avallen cheaper to deliver – or post, if you’re sending it as a gift.

No single-use packaging is perfect, but this light, recyclable format makes it a better option than the heavier, carbon-intensive glass alternative, which also has a large recycling emissions footprint.

‘Packaging is an area where there is room for improved environmental performance’, said Avallen co-founder Tim Etherington-Judge. ‘Spirits have almost always come in single-use glass bottles, with large embodied carbon emissions, as well as the raw material extraction of sand. The Frugalpac bottle wins on lower carbon emissions as well as being robust; it’s great for outdoor events and is visually stunning, with wrap-around branding. We are very excited to get our new bottle out into the world.’

Treading lightly on the planet

Since launching Avallen in 2019, co-founders Steph and Tim have built their business around taking action on the climate and biodiversity crises.

They have ensured the company makes authentic and honest efforts to give back more to the planet than it takes, using impact-led production methods and creating delicious calvados using just three ingredients: apples, water and time.

Avallen is a member of 1% For the Planet and one of the few spirits producers that has achieved B Corp certification.

It has been rewarded with the Drinks Business Green Award (2021), Just Drinks Award (2021); Sustainability Spirits Award (2020) and Spirits Business Design Award (2019).

Beyond production, Avallen’s planet-positive stance can be seen in the eight-point training programme it created to help bars and retailers to take simple, constructive steps towards sustainability – from revealing how the money in your bank account might be funding climate catastrophe to helping businesses to reduce waste and promote biodiversity in their area.

Needless to say, Avallen is already a huge hit, and we can’t wait to see other brands get inspired by the company’s enthusiasm for positive change.

How to drink Avallen calvados

You can drink Avallen neat or try one of many delicious serves. Here are three of our favourites:


Mix 50ml Avallen with 150ml of premium ginger ale over ice in a highball glass; garnish with an apple slice.


Mix 50ml Avallen, 20ml fresh lime juice and 20ml sugar with a handful of mint and ice; top with crushed ice and an apple soda.


In a chilled cocktail glass, combine 20ml Avallen with a bar spoon of honey and a dash of orange bitters; top with sparkling wine.

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