Avallen Calvados

An environmentally positive French apple spirit that actively promotes biodiversity, shuns pesticides, uses minimal water & tastes exquisite

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  • Award-winning apple brandy from the orchards of Normandy
  • Made with nothing but real apples, water and time
  • Avallen is climate positive by 2.73kg/CO2e per bottle
  • Only 1.2L of water per bottle in production (approx. 70-95% less water than benchmark spirits)
  • Donation to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust with every bottle sold

The makers of P.E.A. Award-winning Avallen Calvados are on a mission: they want Avallen to be the world’s most planet-positive spirit brand.

Avallen is climate positive, gives 1% for the planet and supports wild bee populations with every bottle sold – and did we mention it’s delicious?

This is a thoroughly modern take on the traditional apple brandy from Normandy, France – made using nothing but real apples, water and time.

Using delicious apples rather than monocrop grains, sugar cane, grapes or agave as the base material, Avallen Calvados actively promotes biodiversity, shuns pesticides, has minimal water usage (around 70-95% less water than benchmark spirits) and champions doing things differently!

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The brand’s founders are on a mission to make the world better: every bottle bought sees a donation made to organisations that protect bees and help them thrive, partly by planting more than 10,000 wildflowers in the next three years.

The production story is a tasty one, too: Avallen is made without sugar, caramel or boisé (a wood extract sometimes used to add colour to calvados) – literally just good old apples and water – before it’s aged in French oak barrels for at least two years.

In keeping with the general apple theme, the bottle’s label has even been printed on recycled apple pulp paper! Best enjoyed over ice with your favourite tonic and a slice of fresh apple.

– Produce size: 700ml

– ABV: 40%

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