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Pure fun

Drink organic to avoid bad reactions and protect the environment
Pure fun

This article first appeared in our Consumer Revolution issue of My Green Pod Magazine, released on 19 Dec 2019. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

Award-winning Vintage Roots has you covered for Christmas – whether you’re looking for everyday party wines or fine organic bottles for the big day and beyond.

You can even get hold of a special organic port, Napoleon cognac or single malt whisky, as well as a great range of alcohol-free drinks and many pre-set discounted mixed cases that make great gifts.

Flying the flag for organic

As the only UK company to import and retail exclusively organic wines and other drinks, Vintage Roots’ entire business model is built on environmental concerns.

Three decades after they established the business, co-founders Neil Palmer and Lance Pigott continue to fly the flag for high-quality organic, biodynamic, natural and ethically produced wines from around the world. In total there are over 450 organic wines and drinks to choose from, plus the imminent arrival of the company’s first organic tequila.

The environmental focus has also led Vintage Roots to develop own-brand ranges such as Wild Thing, which sees a donation to conservation charity The Born Free Foundation for every bottle sold.

As well as celebrating the sustainability efforts of its producers, Vintage Roots sets strict standards for its own business. Since 2005 the office has been powered by 100% renewable energy and in 2006 the company became the first in the UK to offset the carbon footprint of all its wine and beer imports.

Click here to find out why Vintage Roots organic prosecco is a My Green Pod Hero

Organic wine from Vintage Roots

Why to choose purer drinks

Organically grown grapes are pure and free from unwanted chemical residues; no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used and the organic standards for wine mean sulphur dioxide levels are kept to a minimum and sometimes absent.

The environment and the vineyard workers are protected while biodiversity is promoted and enriched – and we doubt you’ll experience a bad reaction or morning-after grogginess.

Click here to view festive offers from Vintage Roots, or call 0800 980 4992 for a free wine list, advice and to order.

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