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Business leaders who say no to Amazon deforestation unite in free online summit
Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Since taking power in Brazil January this year, new president Jair Bolsonaro changed legislation to allow the use of hundreds of new pesticides – a quarter of them banned by the EU. Under his rule, Brazil also started to further increase deforestation to boost development.

In protest at the Brazilian president’s new policies, Johannes Cullberg, CEO and founder of Swedish natural and organic grocery chain Paradiset, started with a boycott of Brazilian products in his stores this June.

Call to protect the rainforest

Mr Cullberg’s actions have not only resonated with his Swedish customers and national newspapers; his passionate campaign also received coverage in Brazilian and international media as well as widespread support from concerned people on social media.

Johannes Cullberg, CEO and founder of Paradiset and René Schneider, CEO and founder of Sideshift, are now calling on shoppers, retailers and governments of every country to follow their lead and take action to protect the rainforest and the wellbeing of people around the world.

Sideshift Summit

Mr Cullberg is also one of 60 speakers at the free Sideshift Summit (26 September-6 October 2019). This online event is open to everyone, from businesses to community leaders and individuals.

It will unite change-makers and thought leaders with a global audience to share solutions for pressing local and global challenges such as climate change and sustainability.

Waste, tech and renewables

Other speakers include Tom Szaky, CEO at TerraCycle and Loop, on a passionate mission to eliminate waste; Dr Jemma Green, recent winner of Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge and an expert on renewable energy and Paul Dickinson, who runs the global carbon disclosure system and has tips for everyone on fighting climate change.

Their stories will inspire participants by showing alternatives to destructive business and lifestyle choices. They will give practical advice and break massive issues down into chunks that anyone can tackle.

With a shift in perspective, we can transform our thinking and take action to effect real and lasting change.

Click here to sign up for the free Sideshift Summit.

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