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The skin is more than just the body’s outfit: it’s the overall expression of our inner health. Our feet, ears and hands are just some of the areas that, through the nervous system, are particularly closely connected to internal organs.

Totally organic skin care is the answer both for the skin and for our planet

Our skin is clever and detects when something isn’t quite right; you can easily tell by someone’s skin if they’re unhappy – and it’s not difficult for a physician to figure out inner imbalances and ailments by observing complexion. Keeping the skin healthy is vital, and feeding it properly – both on the inside and the outside of the body – is the best secret weapon against ageing.

Springy skin

The precious winter stasis has reinforced our physical, emotional and spiritual roots and given us time to think deeply about future projects. The springtime will give us the energy and enthusiasm to put these plans into action.

The passage between winter and springtime is slowed down by sediment, or toxins, accumulated during the cold winter season, on both the physical and psychological level.

To get rid of these toxins you’ll need to activate the emunctory organs (kidneys, lungs, liver and skin) to stimulate the metabolic processes and the blood circulation, the fundamental detox procedure. The sediments, sitting in the body’s tissues, will then be expelled and new springtime vitality will take place in the body and mind.

If you would like to see through your glasses or the windows of your house to enjoy the daily spring sunshine, you need to clean them. The same applies to our organs: if they are not cleansed, everything will appear opaque and dull.

All these changes involve the skin; as well its detoxifying function the skin is the mirror of what is happening within our body. Our skin and body share a lot of intimate, anatomical and nervous connections.

Spring is the perfect time to detox and nourish the skin, which renews its epidermic layer every 28 days (the same number of days as a moon cycle). In fact, at the beginning of the spring the skin can show some signs of impurity and can have mild areas of redness, inflammation or dry patches.

A detox program will help get rid of the sediments stored in our organs and tissues. Twice weekly, bathe for 20 minutes in warm water with 150g of pink Himalayan salt. This will help to draw out the sediments or toxins. Afterwards, dry your body with a rough towel to activate the blood circulation and to produce a gentle peeling effect.

Treat your skin

A daily cleansing regime is vital to free the pores from debris, dead cells and pollutants. Cleanse your face in the morning and at night using Inlight Face Cleanser, which is formulated with a delightful fusion of coconut, jojoba and olive oils, green tea, cypress and rosemary, to lift deep impurities. The skin is left conditioned and restored by the gentlest exfoliating and polishing action.

Finish off your cleansing ritual with the super- emollient Floral Face Tonic, which is alcohol-free. Inlight Tonic is also a great option any time you feel the need for a quick freshener. Just hide somewhere for a quick spritz; a few drops will leave you feeling immediately revitalised.

Remember that the skin can absorb many substances, which means it will also suck in unhealthy man-made chemicals, too. Check the list of ingredients on your skin products to avoid synthetic additives that could cause damage. By using natural and organic ingredients, you’ll also counteract the negative impact that most cosmetic residues have on our environment, so it’s win-win.

Totally organic skin care is the answer both for the skin and for our planet. Make sure the ingredients are certified organic; look for a minimum content of 95% – though 100% is, of course, as good as it gets.

Keep it clean

Different skin types require different beauty regimes, so tailoring your routine will make all the difference. Here’s what you need to know, whatever your skin type.

Dry skin

Dry skin is the result of many factors: stress, a poor quality diet, ash soaps, pollutants, oxidants, synthetic cosmetics, central heating, calcium-rich tap water, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, lack of vitamins A and B and zinc and not enough water. Dry skin can often be more sensitive and prone to allergic reactions.

Never go out in the morning without the cult beauty oil Inlight Daily Face Oil, packed with flower and seed oil extracts of blue mallow, rose, lavender and evening primrose, which are renowned for their ability to plump, smooth and hydrate skin. At night let the verdant, aromatic Inlight Night Balm do the hard work while you sleep and wake up to beautiful, replenished, glowing skin.

Oily and combination skin

Oily and combination skin is mainly hereditary, but often triggered by diet, hormonal imbalances, birth control pills, excessive humidity and heat. It’s more common during hormonal changes due to the overproduction of sebum, so therefore in teenagers and during pregnancy and the menopause. Watch out for aggressive cosmetics and skin products containing alcohol; they can thin the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, producing more sebum and breakouts.

Mature skin

With age, the glands that produce the skin sebum become less active, inevitably leading to dry and more sensitive skin. Between the skin layers collagen and elastin production slows down, reducing the skin’s ability to respond to normal movements. Sun damage (photo-ageing) also plays a big role because excessive exposure to UV rays breaks down collagen, reducing the synthesis of elastin.

Junk food, alcohol, smoking and pollutants are all oxidants and cause an early ageing of the skin. Don’t just wait for your skin to show you are growing up before you repair damages; you can stop this happening with some preventative TLC.

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