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Weleda MD Jayn Sterland receives Outstanding Achievement Award at NOPEX
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Jayn and Millie

Huge congratulations to Weleda’s Jayn Sterland, who received an Outstanding Achievement Award at Natural & Organic Products Europe (NOPEX) in the 2022 Beauty Awards at London’s ExCel.

The award recognising Jayn’s tireless efforts leading the Sustainable Beauty Coalition in championing ethical, sustainable business practices, and driving change for a more planet-positive future.

It was presented by Millie Kendall OBE, Founder and CEO of the British Beauty Council.

A beauty activist

Jayn attended NOPEX to take part in a Sustainable Beauty Coalition discussion panel ‘Decoding Green Beauty’, to talk about how beauty shoppers can steer a more confident path through the sea of greenwash in the beauty industry, and ways in which we can all make more planet-friendly beauty choices.

The panel also included Millie Kendall, founder and CEO of the British Beauty Council; Diana Verde Nieto, founder and CEO of Positive Luxury and Jessi Baker, founder and CEO of Provenance.

Millie Kendall highlighted Jayn’s commitment as an environmental activist within the beauty sector.

Industry-wide change

Jayn, who was completely surprised by the honour, responded: ‘I am genuinely thrilled to have received this unexpected and very precious award. This is collaborative work and I am delighted to witness the recent coming together and cooperation within our British beauty industry to effect change and address some of the most difficult of issues.’

‘We have one eye on the urgency of the immediate challenges and the very real climate emergency, and the other eye on the long-term future of our sector and lasting commitments we need to pledge now’, Jayn continued. ‘We can achieve what we need to achieve if we all take responsibility for our part, and do it together.’

‘Jayn has a unique stance on environmentalism – one that is realistic, thoughtful, thought provoking, straightforward and her door is always open. She has been voted No 1 in the ‘Who’s Who of Natural Beauty’ four times. Everyone loves Jayn, they want to know her, work with her, work for her or just hear her speak on a panel or webinar about the truth, that our planet is in crisis.

‘She is a doer, and our planet needs people like Jayn, not people that talk constantly round and around in circles and never make the changes we need to survive. 
‘So when The British Beauty Council commissioned the Courage to Change Report back in early 2020, to openly investigate the sector and what challenges we faced, with clear recommendations for action, we found ourselves on the hunt for a Chair to run a newly formed group called the Sustainable Beauty Coalition. I knew Jayn would be the inspiring lead we required to make things happen.

‘Cut to 2022, we have published the Courage to Change, which is the most downloaded report we have done to date, formed the SBC’s steering and advisory committees, established task forces, represented the sector as the only NGO in beauty to attend COP26, and launched the Planet Positive Beauty Guide. 

‘I can’t think of anyone else who would have been able to get all this done, whilst looking after her family during a pandemic and running a multi-million-pound business. But that’s Jayn for you. A female leader that gets stuff done.’

Founder and CEO of the British Beauty Council

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