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The world as I see it

By Jo Wood
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Jo Wood

This article first appeared in our autumn ’18 issue of MyGreenPod Magazine, The Consumer Revolution, distributed with the Guardian on 16 Nov 2018. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

The world has gone seriously mad.

Our forests are being cleared, taking away our clean air.
Our seas are full of plastic, affecting the world’s beaches and marine life.
We put unknown chemicals (‘fragrance’) on our skin and have
no idea what they are doing to us.
The air in our cities is so polluted we should all wear masks outside.
We vote in millions for TV shows, but not for our green politicians.

We rarely cook, but cooking shows are booming.
We drink soda that is cheaper than a bottle of water.
We consume millions of gallons of milk that’s depleted of goodness.
We vaccinate our children with mercury, aluminium, animal cells, ether, formaldehyde, detergent and much more, instead of feeding them with fresh organic fruit and veg.

We eat animals that are abused, fed on antibiotics and
GMO pellets and kept in cages.
The rainforests are being cleared for agriculture and grazing cattle.
We spray our fields and crops with pesticides and chemicals,
killing our soil and stripping it of nutrients.
Our seas are being overfished.
We trawl fish, collecting everything – including coral.
We dynamite fish.
Our fish are farmed; as they can’t swim they get covered in sores,
so they’re fed antibiotics and GMO pellets.

Our skies are full of chemtrails but nobody looks up.
We wash our mouths with mouthwash,
killing all good bacteria in our mouths.
We brush our teeth with fluoride, which is a by-product of aluminium.
We visit our doctors for pills that make us addicts.
Antibiotics are given to children for minor illness,
wiping out all their good gut bacteria.
We heat our food in microwaves that destroy the nutrients.
Doctors give our 15-year-old children antidepressants that give them suicidal thoughts.
We are sold GMO food, but the bosses eat only organic.
We spray our parks with weedkiller.
We watch the big pharma company Bayer buy Monsanto,
a GMO chemical food company.
We look at our phones rather than the faces of our loved ones.

The GMO fruit and veg we eat is spliced with fish genes.
We eat ice cream that has ‘natural’ flavouring made with beaver butt.
Our sugar is being replaced with corn syrup,
a product that our bodies can’t deal with.
Fast food companies sponsor sport.
We get obese but at the same time have malnutrition.
Our tap water is full of fluoride, which keeps us subdued.
Diabetes, cancer and heart charities are sponsored by
processed food companies.
Doctors are paid by the pharmaceutical companies.
Nutrition isn’t taught to doctors, but ‘food is thy medicine’.

We clean our homes with chemicals that strip all good bacteria.
The world is drowning in plastics but more is produced every year.
Our clothes are toxic.
We have a fast, disposable clothing industry and send 300,000 tonnes of clothes to landfill a year – in England alone.
We cut the fins off millions of sharks for bowls of soup.
We cut the tusks off elephants and then leave them to die.
We hunt wild endangered animals for fun and a trophy.
We put animals in prisons and call them zoos.
Our bees are disappearing – and without them we are in big trouble.
Our climate is changing. Our planet needs help.
The planet is consumed with plastic – we are drowning in it.
We are sucking the oil from the skin of the Earth and making it crack in earthquakes.

But change has started, and it’s starting with us.
Change comes from us, the consumer, and how and what we spend our money on.

Simple changes:
Buy organic,
Try to be vegan,
Avoid plastic where you can,
Love our planet.

Click here for more about Jo Wood and her organic lifestyle blog.

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