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Top 10 stories of 2022

We look back at My Green Pod's most popular articles of the year
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
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2022 was a big year for the environment – from COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh to COP15 – the biodiversity Summit – in Montreal.

But these weren’t the articles that got most traction on My Green Pod: beyond those big headline-grabbing stories, other green pearls were bringing readers to My Green Pod.

Here are 2022’s 10 most popular sustainability news stories from our website.

1. Doughnut Economics in business design


This is a superb piece by Erinch Sahan, business and enterprise lead at Doughnut Economics Action Lab. In it, he explains why regenerative and distributive enterprise design is the next frontier for business. A must-read for anyone interested in Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics model.

Read more here

2. Silicones in cosmetics


Our most-read article from 2021 is still a very popular read. This Q&A with NATRUE’s Dr Mark Smith reveals what you need to know about the silicones in personal care products. It encourages us to think about the ‘plastics’ – or manmade polymers – inside our products, as well as the single-use plastics in the packaging we buy.

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3. Biodegradable fishing nets


A project called Innovative Fishing Gear for Oceans (INdIGO) has been launched to develop a completely biodegradable fishing net with a controlled lifespan. The nets will biodegrade into natural materials within two years, not into smaller bits of plastic that cause further pollution. INdIGO involves the universities of Portsmouth and Plymouth in the UK.

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4. ‘Licence to greenwash’


This article details the findings of a report, from the by the Changing Markets Foundation, that reveals certification schemes, labels and industry initiatives aimed at steering a greener course for the fashion industry are actually acting as a smokescreen for fashion’s continued heavy toll on the planet.

Read more here

5. Living with the Maasai


I loved writing this piece about our life-changing family trip to Tanzania, and am so pleased to see you’ve enjoyed reading it, too! It was a magical experience that we will never forget – from our Maasai wedding and close encounter with a leopard to the warrior bush camp, dancing, jumping and pure joy.

Read more here

6. The Big Plastic Count


This article announced the opening of the UK’s largest ever plastic waste survey, launched by Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic to help uncover the truth about what happens to our plastic waste and force the government to fix it. The survey was supported by naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham and actor Bonnie Wright. 

Read more here

7. Time to ban disposable BBQs?


This 2019 article has seen a revival this year – possibly due to the fact that, three years after its publication, disposable BBQs were indeed ‘banned’ from sale in many mainstream supermarkets. It was hoped the move would put an end to the series of devastating fires caused by disposable BBQs that hadn’t been extinguished.

Read more here

8. ‘We sold you a lemon’


The debate around plastics and plastics substitutes rages on, and in the latest turn Abel & Cole announced a U-turn on compostable plastic packaging after new research cast ‘serious doubt’ over just how compostable it actually is. The company called on the wider food and retail industry to follow suit.

Read more here

9. ‘Invest in Our Planet’


This article announced the theme of Earth Day 2022, the global campaign organised by, and confirmed the focus would be to accelerate the solutions to combat our greatest threat, climate change. Once again there was a goal to activate everyone – governments, citizens, and businesses – to do their bit.

Read more here

10. EVs for Royal Mail staff


In this post from last year, we covered the Royal Mail announcement that all its company cars will be electric by 2030. The new initiative builds on the company’s ambitions to become a net zero carbon emission business with a 100% alternative fuel fleet.

Read more here

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