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Top 5 Winter Switches

Five simple switches to warm your winter, plus our MyGreenPod Heroes of the Season
MyGreenPod Heroes, winter 2018

This article first appeared in our winter ’18 issue of MyGreenPod Magazine, The Resolution Revolution. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

There’s a sustainable alternative to just about anything, and these five ethical products and services are simple switches that would make a big difference – and could save you some cash along the way.

1. Change your coffee

How could our caffeine habit be more ethical? Single-use cups are a huge issue – but so is the fact coffee farmers struggle in poverty while western roasters get rich. All Not 1 Bean Ltd coffee is roasted in developing nations.

2. Nourish your skin

If your skin’s suffering from the mix of central heating and cold weather, keep a tube of Weleda Skin Food with you at all times. This natural wonder balm will soothe and nourish dry, chapped skin.

3. Protect your gut

Still feeling the aftershocks of an over-indulgent Christmas? PJ Kombucha will help detox your body, boost your immune system and improve digestion.

4. Green energy

New year, new carbon footprint: it’s time to take the leap and switch to a renewable energy supplier. You’ll almost certainly be rewarded with savings on your energy bills.

5. Ethical savings account

If you’ve gone into saving mode, make sure you put your money where your heart is. With a Triodos Bank ethical savings account your money will only ever be used to support good causes.

Top 5 winter switches

Heroes of the season

We’ve hand-picked this selection of MyGreenPod Heroes to show you that conscious shopping doesn’t need to mean compromising on quality or luxury.

These superstar products and services are ethical alternatives from companies that are doing things differently. You may not have heard of all these green pearls, as they’re from companies that don’t necessarily spend their profits on mass advertising or negotiating the cut-rate bulk deals that would get them onto supermarket shelves.

We think that if you don’t know the real options, you don’t really get to choose. Click here to view our full range of MyGreenPod Hero products and services, in sectors ranging from money and energy to health and beauty.

Heroes of the Season, winter 2018


This delicious soup from Devon-based Tideford Organics is, like the rest of the company’s range, organic, vegan and gluten-free, with no added sugar. It’s a great option for everyone, but people living with IBS may be particularly interested: it’s the UK’s first organic FODMAP-friendly accredited soup. A low-FODMAP diet can ease and relieve the uncomfortable – and often debilitating – symptoms of IBS by helping sufferers to identify triggers.


Scrap tyres take generations to break down and often end up in landfill sites. Laura ZABO’s solution was to upcycle them into great fashion accessories that are PETA-Approved Vegan. This belt comes in a range of colours and textures, meaning you’ll be able to give an ethical twist to any outfit – in the office or out on the town. Each one’s made from worn out or rejected bicycle tyres, helping to keep useful, durable materials out of the waste stream.


This exquisitely pure organic cotton bedlinen has a high thread count (290) and a beautiful and naturally occurring golden sheen. Organic cotton protects producers and the environment by eliminating the need for synthetic pesticides. This bedding is super-breathable and free from chemicals, meaning it’s gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It’s made under safe and fair working conditions and certified organic by the Soil Association.


This nourishing shampoo bar is a long-lasting, compact alternative to liquid shampoos in plastic bottles. It tames the most disobedient locks and promotes healthy, happy hair growth. Each bar’s handmade with castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, lavender and rose geranium essential oils, water and nothing else. Castor oil is a natural hair conditioner, while coconut oil and olive oil produce a nourishing shampoo.


Certified COSMOS Organic, this powerful regenerative facial oil is made using rosehip seed oil and rosehip fruit oil. These antioxidant-rich oils fight free radical damage and aid skin cell regeneration. Use day or night.


VeggieHotels is world’s first hotel directory for purely vegetarian and vegan hotels, B&Bs, resorts and health centres. From vegan surfing camps to luxury hotels, exclusive Ayurvedic retreats to simple mountain chalets and Tuscan country estates to holistic wellness resorts on Bali, the hotels presented by VeggieHotels are dream destinations for fans of plant-based sustenance – and a whole lot more. Each is run with great love and enthusiasm, and stands for a kind of tourism that’s ethical and sustainable.

Click here to view our full range of MyGreenPod Hero products and services.

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