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Top gifts for Father’s Day

Here's a round-up of our top picks for Hero dads this Father's Day
Top gifts for Hero dads this Father's Day

Whether your old man fancies himself as the next Bear Grylls or prefers a night in with a nice glass of red, we reckon these gifts will go down a storm this Father’s Day.

Each product is a Hero, meaning it’s from an ethical company that’s choosing to do things differently. We hand-pick these products and believe they’re the best in their class when it comes to sustainability, ethics and sheer cool.

It doesn’t matter whether your dad’s an eco-warrior or a gas guzzler; each of these products has a standalone wow factor that puts it head and shoulders above the competition. We love them and are pretty sure your dad will, too!

For wild ones

BioLite CampStove
The BioLite CampStove

If your dad’s happiest outdoors demonstrating how to survive in the wild, he’d be delighted with a BioLite CampStove.

This is the first stove that can be used to recharge smartphones, GPS units, MP3 players and digital cameras – all while cooking dinner or boiling water for a brew in the great outdoors.

You can use wood pellets or gather twigs for fuel, and watch the stove convert the heat to electricity – whether you’re at a campsite, in the park or on the beach.

Click here for more on the BioLite CampStove

For sophisticated connoisseurs

Vintage Roots Cuvée Secrete No Added Sulphur
Vintage Roots Cuvée Secrete

This one’s for dads who enjoy a glass of wine at the end (or middle – or beginning) of the day.

Vintage Roots Cuvée Secrete No Added Sulphur is a ripe, full red from organic cabernet franc and merlot grapes. It’s produced in the beautiful Languedoc region of southwest France.

One of the purest wines you’ll come across, your dad’s likely to experience a reduced or absent ‘morning after’ feeling from this organic wine – which would be a gift in itself.

Click here for more on Vintage Roots Cuvée Secrete No Added Sulphur

For the trendsetter

Bourgeois Boheme ethical shoes
Bourgeois Boheme ethical shoes

For dads who appreciate fine footwear and like to stay on-trend, you can’t go wrong with Bourgeois Boheme.

The brand represents classic and sustainable style with a contemporary twist. It makes beautiful footwear for the creative, the stylish, the fun and the responsible.

The collections are always vegan, ethical, eco-friendly and made in Portugal by talented artisans using the finest faux leather and natural materials.

Click here for more on Bourgeois Boheme’s ethical footwear

For the DIY enthusiast

Bamboo Bicycle Home Build kit
Bamboo Bicycle Home Build kit

Here’s a project you and your dad could work on together – though you may not want to part with the finished product!

Based on the Bamboo Bicycle Club’s long-running workshop, the Bamboo Bicycle Home Build kit lets you build a bamboo bike from the comfort of your own home – with no welding, heat treatment or heavy mechanics.

The ultimate DIY project, the finished bike could be used for an everyday commute or competing in time trials!

Click here for more on the Bamboo Bicycle Home Build kit

For fitness fanatics

Green Oil Wet Chain Lube
Green Oil Wet Chain Lube

Keen cyclists who love and take care of their bikes will be delighted with Green Oil Wet Chain Lube.

This bike chain lube is made from plants, not petrochemicals, and uses sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients. It is 100% biodegradable after its life on your bike.

Lubricants are often dangerous for the environment as they can contain PTFE and petrochemicals – and most of the time there’s no mention of whether they can be recycled.

Click here for more on Green Oil Wet Chain Lube

For the nester

HOTBIN composting bin
HOTBIN composting bin

If your dad’s house-proud and likes to keep his home and garden in good order, the HOTBIN compost bin could make the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

The HOTBIN is no ordinary composting bin – it composts all food and garden waste all year round to keep it out of landfill.

Your dad will be able to compost 100% of the domestic food waste in his own backyard – without the usual problems of odour, vermin or flies – and be rewarded with rich, humeric compost every 90 days.

Click here for more on the HOTBIN composting bin

If you want to blow the budget this Father’s Day, have a look at the full range of Heroes – including electric cars, mountain bikes, e-bikes and shepherd’s huts.

Click here to view the full range of MyGreenPod Heroes.

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