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Vintage Roots IGP D’Oc Cuvée Secrete ‘No Sulphur Added’ – Domaine Paul Mas

Rich, opulent and complex with expressive flavours of redcurrant & black cherry. Organic cheers!

Vintage Roots IGP D'Oc Cuvée Secrete
  • Deliciously ripe, full red from organic cabernet franc and merlot grapes.
  • Fully organic and made with no sulphur added.
  • One of the purest wines you will come across.
  • No allergic reactions and a reduced or absent ‘morning after’ feeling.
  • Produced in the beautiful Languedoc region of southwest France.

<span class="larger"A wonderful wine from a top winemaker. Making organic wines with no added sulphur requires skill, dedication and top-quality grapes – and it took Jean Claude Mas seven years to develop his technique.

Sulphur dioxide or sulphites are used in nearly all wines as a preservative and antioxidant. For most people this isn’t a problem, though it can cause reactions for asthmatics – and cause headaches, flushing and rashes in others – so it’s not surprising an increasing number of us are choosing to cut them out. Leaving sulphur out also enhances this wine’s colour and fruitiness. It’s rich, opulent and complex with expressive flavours of redcurrant and black cherry. Organic cheers!

Setting the standard for green drinks

Vintage Roots is the award-winning and leading fully organic, ethical wine and drinks business, and has been since 1986. It’s a privately owned business run by Neil Palmer and Lance Pigott, who are passionate about placing the environment, sustainability and people’s welfare at the centre of their trading. They work hard to provide the very best organic, biodynamic, natural wines and other drinks (organic beers, ciders, liqueurs, spirits and alcohol free), offering attentive service to customers and the best possible prices.

Vintage Roots sets strict standards for its own business. Since 2005 the office has been powered by 100% renewable energy and in 2006 the company became the first in the UK to offset the carbon footprint of all its wine and beer imports. Last year saw the introduction of a ‘Vine to Lips’ logo, designed to communicate the company’s carbon commitment. Vintage Roots also supplies to many shops, restaurants, hotels and bars across the whole of the UK.

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