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Bourgeois Boheme ethical footwear

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  • Individual – classic with a unique twist
  • Robust – innovative, eco-friendly, animal-friendly materials
  • Considered – ethical manufacture
  • Deliberate – thoughtful design
  • Handcrafted in Portugal – skilled interpretations
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Category: Master Bedroom > Wardrobe

BoBo, the ethical footwear brand for men and women, represents classic and sustainable style with a contemporary twist. It makes beautiful footwear for the creative, the stylish, the fun and the responsible.

The collections are always vegan, ethical, eco-friendly and made in Portugal by talented artisans using the finest faux leather and natural materials.

As a brand, Bourgeois Boheme footwear promotes veganism, wellness and a positive lifestyle. The BoBo Team is passionate about shoes, loves slow fashion and encourages people to buy less, choose well and take care of their shoes. The quality production of BoBo shoes is intended to link sustainability, design and craftsmanship in perfect balance.