Positive Investing means putting your money directly into businesses whose mission & impacts you support, & that also offer a financial return

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  • Ethex makes positive investing easy to understand and do.
  • Ethex’s investors care about the impact they make with their money.
  • A direct, personal way to invest in businesses you believe in.
  • ‘Positive’ businesses tackle a social or environmental issue while delivering a financial return.

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Ethex is a not-for-profit positive investment platform that offers individuals the chance to invest in social businesses, charity bonds, ethical savings accounts, ethical/positive funds and more.

Ethex has raised over £15m for social businesses in less than two years, with the help of people who want their money to do good and achieve a financial return.

Ethex is based in Oxford but has positive investors all over the country. See who has already invested through Ethex.

Ethex has won many awards for its work, including the City of London Sustainable Finance Award 2015 and the UK Social Enterprise Award 2014. The company was also runner-up for the Cabinet Office’s Social Investment, Investor access award 2014.

To find out more, visit ethex.org.uk or call 01865 403 304.

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