Eco Green Living Disposable & Compostable Aprons

Environmentally Friendly Aprons

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • Produced from renewable raw materials
  • 1kg green polyethylene produces 2.8kg less CO2 than regular polyethylene
  • EGL apron is made from ethanol derived from sugarcane
  • Strong reduction of CO2 and the same mechanical properties as traditional polyethylene
  • Aprons made from CO2 negative raw materials and can be recycled

Disposable and truly compostable, these lightweight aprons give full coverage for all body shapes and sizes.

The aprons are breathable, waterproof and provide protection for clothes and skin from bacteria, viruses, foods, spillages, crafts and other contamination.

Perfect for:

  • Health care
  • Dental care
  • Food industry
  • Food service
  • Beauty industry
  • Nursing homes
  • Art and painting/li>
  • Repair and service
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Materials: Mater-Bi
Thickness: 16 – 90 micron
Color: White (std)
Sizes: 750mm-1100mm (width); 1000mm-1700mm (length)

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