HOTBIN Compost Bin

The HOTBIN is no ordinary composting bin - it composts all food & garden waste all year round to keep it out of landfill

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • This innovative composting bin maximises the right conditions to make hot composting easier.
  • Break with tradition to compost 100% of your domestic food waste in your own backyard – without the inherent problems of odour, vermin or flies.
  • With a HOTBIN you can quickly reverse how much waste you send to landfill and reward yourself with rich, humeric compost every 90 days.

Unfortunately, 70% of household food waste is kept out of home composting bins because it generates odours and attracts rats and flies.

This means it has to be collected and reprocessed (via a large anaerobic digestion facility, for example) or sent to landfill.

The HOTBIN allows you to break with tradition and start to recycle more food waste at home to keep it out of landfill. You can compost all food waste including meat and fish, not just fruit and vegetable peelings.

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