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zappi birthday!

Lincolnshire-based myenergi is thriving thanks to public demand for straightforward eco-products
Myenergi team

It has been a birthday to remember for myenergi, the Lincolnshire-based eco-enthusiasts.

The eco-product manufacturer, hailing from Binbrook, Lincolnshire has just celebrated its second birthday – and there appear to be no plans for the party to stop.

Following a lengthy period of research and development, myenergi released its smart electrical vehicle charger, zappi, in November 2017. Since then, things have gone from strength to strength following the successful launch of myenergi’s energy diverter, eddi, and its energy-harvesting wireless sensor, harvi.

Investing in the future

A projected three-year business plan has been accomplished within six months of trading, leading to a remarkable growth in the company’s exposure within the electric vehicle and self-consumption market.

This incredible rate of progress has been backed with a significant investment of £1.2m from high-profile businessmen Sir Terry Leahy (former CEO of Tesco) and Bill Currie (founder of the William Currie Group) as the company looks to expand further.

Jordan Brompton, business development manager for myenergi, is excited to see where the company’s potential will take the team next. ‘The public demand and interest to edge towards a greener, more sustainable future is growing at a rapid rate’, she said.

‘Our ethos of developing eco-friendly, easy to install solutions to maximise the benefit of solar panels and wind turbines in the home has been well received; we’ve sold over 4,000 of our products across the UK, Ireland, Europe and as far as Australia already.’

Supporting the EV revolution

myenergi has tripled its staff numbers and established a collaboration with a national energy provider Octopus Energy, to offer a specific tariff designed for the EV driver.

The company’s impending move to a larger, new facility will enable the team to create links with commercial partners and provide public charging options too.

‘We are extremely passionate about reducing the carbon footprint, decreasing demand on the National Grid and lowering utility bills’, Jordan continued. ‘Therefore to be contributing at the forefront of both the global electric vehicle revolution and our region’s renewable energy efforts is something we are immensely proud of.’

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Smart-home bundle from myenergi

Meet eddi and zappi

Having an eddi or a zappi can only improve your return on investment in solar panels. Both products are designed to enable those generating their own energy to reap the maximum rewards from their microgeneration systems. Due to the disparity between when energy’s harvested and when the property needs it, the average home only uses around 20% of the energy it generates and sends the rest back to the grid.

myenergi’s eddi acts as an automatic power controller that diverts surplus energy to a designated area to save power and minimise your utility bills. Once installed, this system, which costs £365 (including VAT), can reduce an average household’s energy bill by up to £250 per year.

It’s a standalone product that works with any size of array to heat your immersion heater, storage heater, underfloor heating, towel rail or electric radiator – all with surplus power from your solar panels or wind turbine.

zappi is a first-of-its-kind intelligent electric vehicle charger – a smart device that lets you charge any electric car with surplus energy generated by your home. The zappi’s smart features mean it could benefit any home, not just those with solar panels or a wind turbine. The device can sense when economy or cheaper tariffs are available, meaning you get the cheapest charge possible.

Click here to find out how myenergi’s helping its customers to power up bill savings.

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