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West Papua Chain Saw Massacre

The West Papua Chain Saw Massacre

Dame Vivienne Westwood & Joe Corré join Extinction Rebellion at BP’s HQ.
Mau Mau

Portraits from the Precipice

Octopus Energy and Artfinder create new prize for art that addresses climate change.
Change Festival 2019

CHANGE Festival

New arts festival invites visitors to imagine a better, brighter future.
The Natural Eye

The Natural Eye

Exhibition from Society of Wildlife Artists documents endangered British birds.
A Nature Recovery Network

A Nature Recovery Network

New film from Sir David Attenborough and The Wildlife Trusts call for nature’s recovery.
Yeo Valley's manure mural

The manure ‘moo-ral’

Yeo Valley celebrates organic farming and marks its 25th year with 70m cow artwork made from manure.
IMG_0376 (1)

Phoebe English: SS20

Fashion designer Phoebe English showcased natural beauty and sustainable design in her London Fashion Week presentation.
Asha, black

All eyes on you

Want to put an end to poverty, protect the planet and still look bang on trend?
Sustainable sound

Sustainable sound

Introducing the next generation of wireless earbuds – designed using bamboo, aluminium and recycled plastic bottles.
Biodegradable shoes

Biodegradable shoes

These Italian vegan shoes are cruelty free and won’t take hundreds of years to decompose.
Less is more

Less is more

Natural beauty is no longer a niche – it's the trend that's here to stay.
Tree Tree 8

Tree Tree 8

London’s Studio 338 launches eco-conscious clubbing initiative.
The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room

Life-sized elephant made from 29,649 batteries highlights how many end up in landfill sites.
Ayahuasca grows in the jungle

When Plants Dream

Ayahuasca, Amazonian shamanism and the global psychedelic renaissance.
The revolution is beautiful

The revolution is beautiful

This collaborative upcycle makes buying a new T-shirt a revolutionary act.
Rainforest cleared for agriculture in central Belize

Deforestation disclosure

Dominos, Next and Sports Direct among the 70% of companies failing to disclose their impact on the world’s forests.
Feel the future at Hawkwood's Seed Festival

Feel the future

Stand up, speak out and make a difference this weekend at Hawkwood’s Seed Festival.
View from The Hollow Way Lookout, Timber Festival 2019

Timber Fest attended by 5k

Creative arts festival in the National Forest was an unforgettable celebration of nature.
Lego tiger model

BRICKLIVE Big Cats exhibition

‘Everything is Roarsome’ for LEGO fans this summer.
RENS sneaker

The coffee sneaker

Rens launches world’s first ‘coffee sneaker’, made from coffee and recycled plastic.