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Green Britain TV

Live today: content platform dedicated to telling positive stories of British pioneers leading the way in green innovations
Green Britain TV's Russ and Em

Green Britain TV is officially going live in its first phase from today (15 November 2023), and will mark the occasion with a unique launch event in central London.

From day the site will host short-form entertaining documentaries focused on sustainable development. Phase two, which will launch next year, will include a training programme for young British filmmakers.

Free online content

Green Britain TV is an online, content-driven platform with presenter-led, fun and informative short documentaries that are accessible and free to all.

Spearheaded by father and daughter duo Russ and Emily Malkin, the new platform aims to shine a spotlight on the British entrepreneurs and innovators who are trying to make a difference in response to the climate crisis. 

This is a new venture for director/producer Russ Malkin, who is renowned for his adventure travel series The Long Way Round featuring Ewan McGregor and documentaries starring David Beckham, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Prince Harry. 

Britain’s green solutions

Russ and Em have been journeying around the UK in their electric black cab and together with presenters Joel Bravette and Katrina Ridley, have been filming individuals, organisations and companies who are paving the way to a greener future.

From tidal power leaders Nova Innovation in Edinburgh to ReRooted, the plant-milk makers in Cornwall, Green Britain TV will cover the four nations of the UK.

Each documentary focuses on an alternative solution that Great Britain has to offer with the intention to engage, cultivate hope and inspire action.

One of the documentaries on ReJean is currently a finalist in the Big Syn International Film Festival, the largest sustainability film festival in the world. 

A new adventure

Green Britain TV is the co-creation of Emily and her father Russ. Emily has a Masters in Global Development and has been adventuring with Russ since she was old enough to hold a map.

After many long conversations about the climate crisis they decided that action was needed. During a charity hike in the Kent countryside, they decided to combine their skills and passions: to inspire and drive change through showcasing, in film, the positive solutions available on our doorsteps. 

Russ has spent over 30 years making adventure travel shows for broadcasting giants such as Apple TV+, BBC, Amazon Prime and National Geographic. He has also formed enduring relationships with charities such as UNICEF, advocating for their work within his documentaries. He is now enthusiastic to begin this new adventure with his daughter.

‘Going electric on our most recent adventure, The Long Way Up, ignited a desire to tell stories about innovations that help preserve the planet and conserve nature.

‘I doubt I would be making these films if it wasn’t for my relationship with Em. We are pooling our passions. I like telling stories and making films with a message and the British public has a powerful message to convey.’

Green Britain TV co-founder

Emily has an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and a Masters in International Development from the University of Copenhagen. Emily has spent her career in the Third Sector, focused on environmental and humanitarian development projects. She has worked with a number of different organisations including Go Dharmic, providing food at the Ukraine border. 

‘I care about the people behind the companies, we are humanising sustainability.

‘For me it is reassuring to discover that so much is being done to avert the climate crisis. It’s empowering!’

Green Britain TV co-founder

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