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Embracing seasonless fashion

Ebay identifies single-season wear as the habit to ditch in 2024
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Rail of eBay clothes at Love Island All Stars

Ahead of ITV’s first-ever Love Island All Stars series, eBay UK is encouraging the nation to give clothes a second chance by wearing them all year round. 

New research reveals 79% of shoppers get rid of clothes that they consider not on trend or no longer in season.

Ebay has coined this behaviour ‘single-season wear’ – a trend the marketplace is on a mission to end in 2024.

Fashion waste

These fast fashion habits have made seasonal styles a throwaway affair, which is fuelling the mounting issue of fashion waste.

On average, 18- to 35-year-olds purchase nine new items for each changing season, which adds up to 36 new items every year.

And only 5% of the nation wear their wardrobes all year round, with over half (58%) of 18- to 35-year-olds only ever shopping just before, at the start of or during a new season. 

Build a forever wardrobe

Turning the tables on traditional seasonal dressing, eBay is encouraging the nation to build their forever wardrobes by shopping for pre-loved fashion over new and re-styling their clothes for multiple seasons.

Amy Bannerman, eBay’s pre-loved style director, says her ultimate eBay hack is that shoppers can save big without sacrificing on style by buying pre-loved staples ahead of season. 
For example, coats and jackets cost 30% less on average in July than in December and similarly, shorts sell on average for 15% less in December versus June.

As budget is considered an important factor to 93% of consumers when shopping, out of season shopping is the best-kept fashion secret.

‘We’ve seen an incredible shift towards shopping pre-loved since we first partnered with Love Island, but there’s still more to be done.

‘Just as the Islanders are getting a second chance at love this series, we want shoppers to give clothes a second chance too.

‘A change of seasons is too often coupled with new collections and last-minute consumption, so if we can inspire shoppers to ditch single-season wear and build a pre-loved wardrobe they can wear all year round, we’re heading in the right direction.’
Head of fashion, eBay UK

Seasonless styling tips

With 15% of shoppers admitting they don’t know how to style their clothes out of season, Amy Bannerman, eBay’s pre-loved style director, has shared her top tips to embrace seasonless styling and the pre-loved staples to look out for.
Incorporate different fabrics: I recently wore my Issey Miyake mid length summer dress under my Collagerie kilt, which looked like an Issey top I’ve always wanted and also kept my legs a bit warmer. Embrace thermal base layers and fabrics such as pointelle, which is having a real comeback and offers some interesting detail too.

Layer it up: For winter outerwear try layering multiple jackets, a thick sweater with a fitted denim jacket and an oversized trench coat is a timeless layering combination and means you will get more use out of your lighter weight summer jackets.

Update with footwear : Trainers can instantly update any outfit and will work year round so these are a great investment in terms of cost per wear and versatility. With eBay UK’s Authenticity Guarantee offering you can ensure you’re getting an added layer of confidence when you purchase your new favourite pair.

Try a new colour: If something is a bit old or tired, dye it. Look out for companies which use natural dyers made from seasonal plants to create colour change without using chemicals. 

Make something old, something new: If your clothes have holes from moths or lots of wear, use repair companies to cover them using embroidery which is bespoke to you, perhaps some flowers or your initials. Your item will not only be mended, it will be more special than it was to start with!

Love Island fashion

Amy Bannerman is lifting the lid on the timeless fashion trends heading into the villa this season. Each trend includes a mix of pre-loved picks, as well as items from eBay’s Imperfects range, which offers non-new clothes from over 100 high street brands and designers. 
The three key wardrobe trends are ‘Best of British’, ‘Seasons Past’ and ‘Designer for Less’. Viewers can shop to get the Love Island look on eBay and the hub will be updated throughout the series, so fans can emulate their favourite Islander’s style.

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