Make money from your data and be in control

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  • Slice gives you control of your data and makes you money
  • Big companies make money from YOUR data, whilst you get nothing
  • Slice plants a tree for every new user, who takes up an offer
  • Slice matches you with brands YOU want to chat to
  • An average person could make up to £1,200 per year!

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Every day you’re creating invisible data.

Big companies take the data and make money. Lots of money – which they get, and you don’t.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?
Slice thinks it’s time for a change. What if you could get your share of this money, and what if you could decide how your data got used?

At Slice, this is exactly what happens – and it’s made ridiculously simple.

Slice takes on the data giants for you and reclaims your data. Nobody else is doing this. Make sure you get your Slice.

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Slice and My Green Pod have partnered up so that you can earn money to give back to the planet, with slice planting a tree with every new sign up, and My Green Pod doing the same on our ethical marketplace with your extra income you can give back too!

Slice is a mobile app, now available in the UK on Android. The IOS version will available very soon!

GDPR allow consumers to access data held about them by companies – in this case, internet platforms.

The traditional patterns of marketing and digital advertising are that brands spend money to acquire customers (often through paid advertising), passing that money to publishers and those in the media supply chain. The consumer, at the heart of it, receives no income.

The consumer is the ‘product’ and the value is the data. What Slice does is allow the consumer to use their own data to receive income.

Example: You are searching for a new car/whatever online. Slice notices this and invites you to chat with a sales agent to get a brochure – and you get paid for it. You’re not buying anything here, just getting paid to get info on stuff you were thinking of buying.

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