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Nature Nurture Kids Litter Picker Kit


Nature Nurture Kids Litter Picker Kit
Product description

‘The only sustainable Litter Picker Kit for kids’ – complete with all the tools and safety equipment a young eco-warrior needs to help clean up the Earth.

Presented in 100% eco-friendly packaging with sustainable tools, the Nature-Nurture Kids Litter Picker Kit has been designed to inspire and empower kids to take responsibility for their world. It’s the perfect gift to encourage children to get outdoors, giving them a sense of purpose and pride, and the knowledge that they are making a difference.

The eco-friendly lightweight, robust and wear-resistant litter picker is foldable and compact with an easy trigger design – great for small fingers. The horned magnetic end makes hooking plastic bags, metal caps and cans child’s play.

The litter picker is made from 100% recycled plastic and aluminium. The plastic comes from fishing nets and lines collected from end-of-life net amnesty schemes, beach cleans and dive-based ghost gear recoveries!

What else is in the kit?

  • 10x self-sealing biodegradable rubbish bags – specially selected to include air-hole perforations for children’s safety
  • A yellow Nature Nurture Kids certified high-visibility vest – choose from sizes small (ages 4-6 years) or medium (ages 7-9 years)
  • Children’s gardening gloves with tough, hard-wearing suede palms and fingertips, a soft cotton back and snug-fit wrist to keep out the dirt
  • Detailed safety instructions
  • Presented in a 100% eco-friendly gift box
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