The Carpal Wrap


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Norstar Biomagnetics is the professional’s choice for magnet therapy solutions. Used by therapists, sportsmen and many, many normal people on a day to day basis, Norstar products offer the most powerful magnetic solutions (gauss strength) you can obtain in the UK. Introduce magnetics into your daily life and feel the difference.

As with all of our products we want our users to be confident that Norstar construct their magnetic wraps to deal with most conditions that will occur in the specific area we are working with.

Our Carpal Wrap we will give you lightweight support and protection to the wrist as you take part in your activity. The healing properties of the two magnets we use will combine to speed recovery and repair the area. The Carpal Wrap will also increase strength and flexibility to the wrist.

By regularly wearing Norstar’s Carpal Wrap we can often deter the injuring from occurring.

Manufacturer power rating: 12,300 gauss core/1,200 gauss surface

Pack contains:
½” Neodymium Magnet on a 4cm Top Grade Flexible Magnet

Weight 100 g


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