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Cleaning up beauty

Dr Mark Smith, an advocate of clean and transparent beauty, joins board of British Beauty Council
Cleaning up beauty

NATRUE has been appointed to the Affiliate Board of the British Beauty Council, where it will be represented by director general Dr Mark Smith.

The British Beauty Council is a not-for-profit British organisation with a mission to ensure the beauty industry is recognised, valued and represented.

The council works with the beauty industry, the British government and other actors ‘to drive excellence and growth’ across the industry, and to engage politicians and business leaders about the value of British beauty to the national economy and its key role in the UK’s creative and cultural character.
Through its involvement with the British Beauty Council, NATRUE will provide valuable input to help shape the British beauty industry, and contribute towards the council’s work representing the beauty industry at government, corporate and public level.

‘We are delighted to be working with NATRUE to develop genuine criteria for the British cosmetics industry to reach sustainable goals. As an international organisation, NATRUE can bring a lot of knowledge to the certification process here in the UK and can help us raise standards in natural and organic beauty products.’

CEO, British Beauty Council

‘Chemist turned change-maker’

Mark Smith was recently described as ‘Chemist turned change-maker’ in the 2020 Who’s Who in Natural Beauty list. Mark was voted no.9 in the Top 25, announced in the autumn issue of Natural Beauty News.

‘This year the global pandemic has transformed our sector, maybe forever. But it’s also heightened the possibilities of natural beauty products. Lockdown has inspired more consumers to take a long, hard look at the contents of their bath­room cabinets. And many have discovered that organic and natural formulations don’t just deepen the self-care rituals so essential for wellbeing in 2020, they also had time to research how they’re better for people and the planet too.’

Natural Beauty News, autumn 2020

Voted for by the natural beauty industry, the Top 25 charts the sector’s ‘pick of the people who are leading this seismic change in thinking’, from brand owners to formulators, educators, campaigners and pioneers.

Natural and organic cosmetics

Mark’s contribution to the natural and organic cosmetics sector as Director General of NATRUE was recognised in the magazine.

‘Greenwashing is still a dirty secret for too many apparently ‘natural’ beauty brands. But luckily Mark Smith is on a mission to cham­pion the truth behind the industry hype.

‘With a chemistry PhD and a research background, he knows his formulations, allowing him to promote sustainable innovation alongside his passion for consumer transparency.

‘Deeply involved in advocacy, labelling and research, his expertise and enthusi­asm has cemented his role as a respected sector change-maker.’

Natural Beauty News, autumn 2020

This is the sixth year that NATRUE has been included in the hotlist, which also included Jayn Sterland from NATRUE-founding brand Weleda at No.2.

The Top 25 provides an overview of the leading industry personalities who are shaping and influencing the UK’s natural beauty industry

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