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Jarv’s rules: the green rush

A stampede to a newly discovered gold mine
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Jarv's rules: the green rush

This article first appeared in our winter ’19 issue of MyGreenPod Magazine, The Love Revolution, distributed with the Guardian on 22 February 2018. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

Over the last few months I’ve been bombarded with business ideas from entrepreneurs launching new green initiatives, which is fantastic. The ideas are mainly in the retail sector – the sale of ethical products online or through physical store concepts, plus many transitional brands that recognise they need to become more sustainable.

I’ve been delighted to see this movement happening because every product on the high street or Amazon could be replaced with a lighter or kinder version, so I’ve been happy to share my experiences with the newbies on the scene.

Cashing in?

The sense that I get from nearly all of these people is that they are jumping on a trend to cash in. There’s nothing wrong with making money – it’s the world we live in – but from where I see it, having this as a solitary motive is somewhat naive.

I have no doubts – in heart or mind – that we need to completely rewire the dysfunctional structure of our current global economic system to a more conscious ECO-nomics, which considers a harmonious future for the long term. A system that supports the manufacture of products that last many lifetimes, that enhance and care for our health and true living potential and, more importantly, that are not damaging our soils, polluting the water, rivers, oceans and air or killing the trees we rely on for survival.

Every single service, product and experience must be aligned with the natural cycle of our planet. We must stop living manmade laws and instead live in balance and harmony with the laws of nature.

Be the change

If you are not living the whole nine yards in your own existence, how can you run a business that inspires others to live differently? The very concept of inspirational business leadership – another fast-growing trend (it seems everyone is an expert these days!) – can only really be realised if truly expressed in the being. The last thing we need is more leaders who do not walk the talk.

How many of you buy things you don’t need because the celebrity you love, a so-called influencer, is recommending you try something?

Why don’t you become that influencer within your immediate network: take back the power and drive change from the way you live.

There are things you can do now that will help humanity from becoming extinct.
Buy organic food, switch to 100% renewable energy, only buy eco household goods, use natural skin and hair care products, reuse, repair and buy whatever you can secondhand – visit charity shops or look on eBay.

If you can’t commit to these very simple lifestyle changes, then make sure you enjoy every day as if it were your last – because it could be!

Jarvis Smith is co-founder of, founder of the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards and a conscious business consultant.

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