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Can we all say thank you to Donald Trump?
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Can we all say thank you to Donald Trump?

This article first appeared in our autumn ’18 issue of MyGreenPod Magazine, The Consumer Revolution, distributed with the Guardian on 16 Nov 2018. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

The UK’s ethical sector is growing while more conventional markets are, many cases, faltering; according to the Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2017, the value of ethical spending in 2016 grew by 3.2% to £81.3bn. The report also states that the value of consumer boycotts bounced back to over £2.5bn.

I’m sure many of us can guess the brands that people are beginning to avoid so we won’t go into it here. The important thing is that this trend is massively on the rise; consumers are growing wise to the dysfunctional behaviour of household brands and their complete lack of consideration for our future generations.

The Ps

I believe these big, nasty, non-caring, competitive global conglomerates will implode as a result of their own ignorance (certainly not a lack of awareness). They only consider the zeros on the P for Profit and not the more important Ps: People and Planet.

I’m going to call this the Trump Syndrome – and I believe it’s the anti-force we need to drive change.

To and from

I’m sure we’ve all noticed how the super-brands of our time – the brands we see all over the globe – are shouting about how sustainable they are becoming. They announce that they’re switching to sustainable palm oil, and from single-use plastics.

The brands making these claims did something similar 10 years back, and it was called greenwash.

We the people

So 10 years on, what’s different? Us the people, that’s what. We are all informed and aware enough to know that if a super-brand claims it’s doing something great for the planet, it probably relates to a tiny fraction of the full operation. By the very fact an ethical or positive social move has been highlighted, we know it’s just not good or grand enough to make a life-changing difference. So we will do something about it. We will give our hard-earned cash to a brand that cares about us and our children.

Jarvis Smith

These super-brands can afford to advertise across the globe; they shout about that little thing they did and this then stimulates a shift in a customer’s perception of who and what they stand for as a living organism within the whole biosphere of our magnificent planet. We conclude the brand is a disease to be starved and killed off for ever.

United, we are stronger than any brand! Without our consumer spend they are nothing. We have the power. So next time you buy something, think: what am I supporting here?

The Trump Syndrome

When Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, the global media put its magnifying glass on climate breakdown and global warming. Similarly, the #MeToo campaign has drawn attention to misogyny in order to bring feminine principles to the fore.

People get woken up by disruption. Perhaps the very reason we’ve allowed our planet to experience such trauma is so that we can learn and grow. We’re rising to the challenge: addressing the issues, evolving and realising the only way we will thrive as a species is if we unite, reconnect and support harmony across all areas of our planet. We are beginning to see that we need to be in authentic co-creation not just with each other, but with all the kingdoms of plants and animals and the whole universe.

We are waking up and becoming more spiritually connected – realising that, at a ratio of 99:1, we are super-powerful. Don’t ever forget this: if together we make a stand, we will change things for ever.

Jarvis Smith is co-founder of, founder of the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards and a conscious business consultant.

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