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Join a gratitude ceremony for trees

Unite with thousands to help restore balance with our environment and reconcile humanity's relationship with trees
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Join a gratitude ceremony for trees

On March 24, the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries and ForaTree are organising a Global Gratitude Ceremony for trees.

They’re calling for individuals and groups around the world to offer thanks and appreciation for the trees we love and the forests that make life on Earth possible.

A sacred ceremony

Trusting that active expressions of gratitude are the seeds of healing and nourishment for Mother Earth, everyone’s invited to make sacred ceremony to their own beloved trees.

Each individual ceremony can be as simple as one person standing with one tree and offering heart-felt thanks, or as elaborate as a tree-loving group wants to make it.

The point is to join together on this special day to honour the trees of the world. As the smallest stone awakens unending ripples in a pond, the goal of this collective ceremony is to initiate a far-reaching vibration of gratitude and healing for all trees.

Making an impact

Whether you hold a small, intimate ceremony or a larger community expression of gratitude on 24 March, what is important is that we give back to Nature and trees for all that they are, and that we bring to our offerings hearts overflowing with love and thankfulness.

The more of us that participate, the more of an impact we will collectively have. This expression of gratitude is profound, but at the same time there is no need to be an expert ceremonialist. We will each have our own way to give back to the trees.

Click here for printable tree ceremony instructions from For a Tree

Click here for more about the Global Tree Ceremony event on 24 March 2018.

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