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Organic beauty trends

Soil Association’s 2021 Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Market Report reveals the sector’s 10th year of consecutive growth
Organic beauty trends

The leading UK organic certification body, Soil Association Certification, has hosted its annual 2021 Trends Summit, based on new consumer data gathered in late 2020.

The data have been compiled to form the key trends within the 2021 Soil Association Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market Report.

The report suggests that the time really is now for organic beauty and wellbeing consumerism, with appreciation for nature and kindness to our planet here to stay for the long term.

Organic and natural products

In 2020 the certified organic and natural products market grew by 13%, with total sales of over £120 million. This marks the10th year of consecutive growth for the sector.

The global market for natural personal care products has grown from almost nothing to $12 billion within two years.

This growth is driven in part to the both the growth of key categories – selfcare, skincare, health, personal care and household cleaning – and secondly the significant acceleration of online shopping within the market.

COSMOS continues to be the largest global standard for certified organic and natural cosmetics, with 40,000 certified products and ingredients – a huge 40% increase from last year.

Organic in the pandemic

28% of consumers said that the move to online shopping in light of the pandemic made them more likely to buy organic beauty and wellbeing products.

Of the one in six consumers who already buy organic beauty and wellbeing products, half said that the pandemic made them more likely to buy these products.

The spotlight on the environment has been even brighter since the pandemic, with people experiencing greater appreciation of nature and their surroundings.

45% of consumers agree that organic beauty and wellbeing is better for the environment, which is important as 56% of consumers believe beauty and wellbeing brands should do more to reduce their impact on the environment.


‘Not only does Soil Association certification start with the ingredient at soil level but it is a full circle assessment of the whole supply chain looking at ‘farm to face’ development stages of bringing a product to shelf.

‘Thus, creating the gold standard of organic certification and one which brands are ultimately so proud to achieve and stamp on their packaging. This is how organic is driving sustainability.’

Soil Association’s business development manager

The over-riding factor increasing the interest and consumer demand for organic beauty and wellbeing products is transparency of sustainable benefits to the environment in four key areas.

These factors – better for the soil, better for animals and cruelty free, better for the planet and care, fairness and trust – are rooted in Soil Association and COSMOS organic certification principles.

People power

A new focus for this year is the market report introduction by model and climate change campaigner Arizona Muse.

Arizona shared that her views had shifted from an appreciation that organic beauty was not just beneficial for her body and health but most importantly ‘is better for the health of the earth, the soil and the environment..’

‘This is a huge wake up call to the beauty industry for brands and companies to do more about packaging, environmental and sustainable practices in a more transparent way.

‘It really is about the power of the consumer now and their choice to buy the brands they want to and voice change. This is being staggeringly led by the younger generation, with 28% of 16- to 24-year-olds already buying organic beauty and wellbeing products versus only 9% of 55+ year-olds.’

Glamour’s beauty director

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