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P.E.A. Award 2021 winners

Climate heroes and changemakers honoured at green-carpet event in London
P.E.A. Awards 2021

Last night (22 October), 300 leading lights in sustainability gathered at London’s One Marylebone for the 11th P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards, in association with Citrix.

In her keynote speech, Atossa Soltani, founder and board president of Amazon Watch, said: ‘It is an honour to be joining this impressive community of eco-visionaries who are creating a new normal for how to live in harmony with the web of life.

‘We are living on the precipice of biosphere collapse and climate chaos and every day the window of opportunity to reverse our fate is shrinking. Future generations are depending on our bold and courageous actions today to shift our life-blind economic system to one that is life seeing and life affirming. 

‘It will take leadership from the likes of all of you gathered here to create such shifts as circular economies, deforestation-free commodities and truly regenerative investment portfolios.’

Guests enjoyed a vegan and organic three-course meal from ‘the original green chef’ Arthur Potts Dawson, plus Fungtn alcohol-free mushroom beer, Sea Arch Sea & T, Avallen Calvados, Cooper King Gin, Vintage Roots organic wine and Equinox Kombucha.

TV presenter Zilpah Hartley presented the year’s nature-infused awards, handmade by Katie Weiner.

Winners were honoured across a variety of sectors ranging from Digital Technology to Art.

Celebrations rounded off with an after party of music and dancing, ignited by the night’s liberating ‘fantasy and futurism’ theme.

Huge congratulations to all this year’s winners – look out for more details in upcoming issues of My Green Pod Magazine!


Winner: Jasmine Pradissitto
Shortlisted: Claire Victoria Bishop; Greg Cochrane

Climate Pioneer

Winner: Jessi Baker, MBE
Shortlisted: Chris Ramsey; Greg Cochrane; Laura Young; Russ Wakeham

Digital Technology

Winner: Ewen Anderson
Shortlisted: Mankaran Ahluwalia; Phil Law


Winner: Mark Millar
Shortlisted: Cathy Yitong Li; Linda Achan; Priyanka Khurana


Winners: Fiona Howarth & Toddington Harper
Shortlisted: Joel Teague

Food & Drink

Winner: Paul Gabie
Shortlisted: Caroline Compton-McPherson; Chris Jaume; Linda Achan; Sofia Parente

Greenest Family

Winner: Satish Kumar and family
Shortlisted:The Cahill family; The Dale Family

Green Pioneer

Winner: Safia Minney
Shortlisted: Alice Bardwell; Emma Goulding; Jessi Baker, MBE; Jo-Anne Chidley

Health & Wellbeing

Winner: Roger Leese
Shortlisted: Ethicul; Helen Bee; Katherine Swift


Winner: Greg Cochrane
Shortlisted: Eilidh Gallagher; Joanna Adjetey; Laura Young; Ruth MacGilp


Winner: Green Angel Syndicate (GAS)
Shortlisted: Tred


Winner: Lilly Platt
Shortlisted: Mankaran Ahluwalia; Prevented Ocean Plastic


Winner: Andy Orchard and Mankaran Ahluwalia
Shortlisted: Gary Styles; Joey Pringle; Primrose Matheson; Rohan Dinn


Winner: Rebecca Heaps
Shortlisted: Brad Frankel; Howard Carter


Winner: Tracey West
Shortlisted: Joey Pringle; Lou Palmer-Masterton

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