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Ethiqana Duby and Duba Paddling Ducks Toy

A handmade wooden toy coloured with organic plant-based dyes

  • Handcrafted using sustainably sourced wood
  • Coloured with non-toxic plant-based dyes made from turmeric, acacia, indigo,
    madder roots and lime
  • Perfect ages 0 to 5 years (and beyond!)
  • Bright colours and tactile nature help in imaginative play
  • 100% safe, CE certified and fair trade

Isn’t it best to keep things simple and natural – especially when it comes to our children?

As all parents know, there isn’t much that escapes the mouths of toddlers and young children. Ethiqana’s handmade wooden toys are coloured with organic plant-based dyes without any chemicals, making them completely safe for kids.

This wooden pull-along toy is an ideal walking companion for toddlers and older children, who will love the paddling movement of the two ducks.

All Ethiqana’s toys are carefully crafted and rigorously tested for safety to comply with CE standards.

Their bright colours and tactile nature encourage children to use their imagination and creativity without being influenced by sounds commonly found in battery-operated toys.

The production partner is a non-profit sustainable livelihoods initiative for artisans that
helps preserve skills and looks after the welfare of the artisans.

The aim is to be the catalyst for artisanal revival in communities hit hardest by rapid industrialisation and the spread of cheap plastics.

Ethiqana toys are 100% natural, handmade from sustainably grown wood and coloured with natural non-toxic dyes from plant-based sources.

A huge part of Ethiqana’s mission is to preserve traditional, earth friendly, nearly-extinct art and craft techniques.

By preserving these traditional techniques, Ethiqana challenges modern manufacturing methods and provides sustainable livelihoods to the artisans.

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